Live Action Getup: Cuffs & Collars + 10% off MVMT Watches

Live Action Getup: Cuffs & Collars + 10% off MVMT Watches
Sometimes it can feel hard to dress well casually. The secret to looking great, even in denim and a sweatshirt, is introducing intention in the colors of leather we use as details.
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Men's Fall Casual Style

men's casual fall style

The Getup: Casual Fall Men's Style

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Leo

    Very nice again!
    I would prefer a cardigan or wool v-neck sweater, but it suits you and the watch is perfect, i am thinking about finding one…
    greets from Switzerland

  • fern

    I like the outfit in theory, and the details are great but I always have a problem wearing a sweater over a button down. I end up looking boxy, like this guy in the pictures.

    • Andrew

      Haha, I’m that guy! I must just be boxy. 🙂

  • JustaNormalGeek

    These outfits are a huge help to people (like me) that have a tough time putting outfits together, picking specific clothing pieces, etc. Thanks for all your work on these Get-Ups!

    • Andrew

      So happy you enjoy them, really appreciate the feedback!

      • Troy Vaillancourt

        I agree it must take a lot of time. Very helpful and appreciative. Look forward to what you have in store for Christmas party season 😀

  • Patrizia

    I really do like the classic and sportive look!
    Although I’m a women and I’m a journalist myself (but as US correspondent for European car magazines), I simply love Primer. Your articles and newsletters always give me the perfect break during a busy work day! Thx for the great work!
    Cheers from San Diego, p.

    • Andrew

      You’re very welcome, thanks for reading!

  • Butch_Zee

    Very Paul Newman-esque. Awesome.

    • Andrew

      Hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right!

  • John

    Have you tried v-necks or quarter zips/buttons? The V and or the collar on the and subsequent V will visually elongate you. Shawl collars and cardigans will do the same.

    • Andrew

      Hi John,

      Long time readers are annoyed with my love for shawl collar sweaters. 🙂 The crew was an intentional choice for a more casual look.

      • John

        I was trying to reply to fern about the “boxiness.” 🙂

        • Andrew

          Haha ohhhh, got it, makes sense! Good tips.

  • Adam Neal

    What size is the sweater? It looks like it may run small based on the reviews on the Uniqlo website. I typically wear a medium but am worried it may be too small.

  • Not so shady

    Why post a quality getup to be hindered with terrible shades?
    C’mon. Invest in a quality pair. They make the world of a difference.

    • Andrew

      First, great username. I love these shades, amazing price for polarized and they look great too. I did an article on them awhile ago and people loved them.

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    What does Primer use for it’s “click for more information?” is it a plugin, or do you style it yourselves?

    I’m about to add some product articles to my (design-based) blog, and would love to have it be as slick as this 🙂

  • Adams Tegeler

    Hey Andrew,

    I’ve been looking at MVMT Watches for a while, but have not purchased one yet. I have small wrists, and a lot of watches look too large on me. The watch fits you well. What is your wrist measurement?
    Also, thanks for the 10% hookup.

    • Andrew

      You’re very welcome! It looks like my wrists are just over 6.5″ around.

      • Adams Tegeler

        Great. Thanks, Andrew.

  • Lee King

    I love everything in this outfit but the watch. One of the investments I wish I had made when I was younger was in a good watch. I’m thinking along the lines of an Omega Seamaster, Rolex, Tudor.

  • Lorne

    any reason you went with the Red Wing moc toe boots instead of the Thorogood ones from last season’s “Fall boot special”?

    • Andrew

      Hi Lorne, they’re different colors, but the Thorogoods would work great too.

  • Mike Rogers

    Awesome getup! I just got my Apache Boots today and love them! Now time to find some jeans! ha

    Quick Question… Did you tailor your DSTLD jeans? I noticed in a previous post that you wear a 30X30 in CombatGent Chinos, so do I. However, my DSTLD jeans seem much longer than the ones in the photo.

    Thanks again!

    • Andrew

      Hey Mike! Nope, my dstlds are off the rack. Are yours the slim straight?

      • Mike Rogers

        Negative… i purchased the straight style. Seems like they would be the same length regardless. Ill give the slim straight a shot.

        Slowly getting there ha

  • Ross

    Great outfit. Big fan of the “french terry-like,” style of the grey crew in place of a simple grey v-neck sweater. I think this crew gives a little versatility to the outfit so you don’t always have to throw on a cardigan or a v-neck sweater.

    I like how the jeans fall on your frame. I have a very small seat and narrow legs and have been having my dark jeans tailored to fit my frame better but i still end up have a little boxier look in the front hip and crotch of the jeans? Any suggestions on how to alter these so they drape better on my frame? Maybe take in the seat a little more? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross,

      DSTLD also has a skinny jean, have you had any luck with going that route?

      • Ross

        Thanks for the response Andrew. I have tried a skinny jean from Lucky Brand but didn’t like how the leg cut closer to the calf or ankle. Because of my slim legs and seat the skinny made my body look disproportionate. I have a very difficult time shopping for jeans, both the fit and color, i can’t find a dark enough subtle almost blackish blue that won’t fade. but right now i’m just trying to get the fit correct. I’m trying hard to follow your denim rules:
        1.) Darkest shade of blue denim
        2.) straight leg
        3.) slim or form fitting.

        And i’m struggling to find those perfect pairs that will go with everything.

        HELP ME! haha!

        • Andrew

          You could also stop by a Levi’s store or a Macy’s. Levi’s has a ton of different fits now, you may be able to find one that works with your shape. Have you tried the 511?

          • Ross

            I have tried Levi’s, I use to wear 527’s before i got tired of the bootcut. I have tried the 514, 513, and 511 and they all are too boxy and baggy in the seat and thigh except for the 511 slim which seems to fit more like a skinny jean. I have since been greatly disappointed with the inconsistency in the fit of most Levi products.

            I wish that my thighs and seat were more of an average size so off the rack jeans would fit me more consistently.

            I’m getting more afraid that I will have to have my jeans tailored from here on out and that is gonna hurt the budget a little bit.

  • Nelson Hollins

    Andrew, Great taste in putting together outfits! From the other comment: “…boxy, like this guy in the pictures,” LOL! I thought that was you wearing the jeans. I am contemplating purchasing them mostly because of how great they look on you. And now that Thanksgiving has passed, my weight should be back close to 175. Hope they look as good on me! And silence the naysayers, I like shawl collar sweaters very much! 🙂

    • Andrew

      Haha thanks! Let me know how it goes, they’re my favorite pair.

      • Nelson Hollins

        Will do and thanks for replying!

      • Nelson Hollins

        A note from what Ross mentioned with the jeans fit. Would you say that these jeans fit slim in the seat compared to Levi’s?

        • Andrew

          Hey Nelson,

          I’d say they’re slim in the seat without being too tight. The reason I love them so much is because they’re slim all over but I can still wear them with boots without making the boots look too clunky.

          • Nelson Hollins

            That’s great Andrew and is what I was hoping. I don’t like baggy fitting jeans at all!! You’ve made this very interesting. Thanks for the interaction. It makes a difference!

    • Ross

      Shawls are very nice. I agree with you on that but I do enjoy the change that Andrew made with this outfit and going with a “French Terry-looking type Crew Sweatshirt” over the top of the oxford.

      Gives the outfit a casual spin to a somewhat semi casual/casual office attire.

      • Nelson Hollins

        It’s just the difference in preferences. I don’t care much for crew neck. So I will use other options to compliment my style.