Live Action Getup: Casual & Confident

Here, we pair items that can be dressed up like a check button up and corduroys, with super-casual items like a crew neck sweatshirt and sneakers, creating a casual, but intentional look.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.


  • Reply January 21, 2015


    Love seeing the actual outfit being worn. Great stuff Andrew!
    Keep up the excellent work.

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    I haven’t wore NB since high school and can’t remember how they fit? I’m 10.5 in DB and 11 in Nike and Vans – any help would be appreciated.

    • Reply January 22, 2015


      I think an 11 should be the way to go! I wear a 10 in CDB and 11 in Nike as well. I’ve generally found New Balance and Nike have similar sizing.

      • Reply January 22, 2015


        Thank ya, sir

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    Finally a way for me to wear my brown corduroys!

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    Great look!

    Swap the shoes for bucks and the pants for chinos and you got my winter “uniform” in the office. Comfortable, presentable, and not overly dressy. It’s great for an office where everyone wears jeans and an ill-fitting polo or t-shirt and you don’t want to also look like shit.

  • Reply January 22, 2015

    Devon Caldwell

    FYI, Orion is 18% off sitewide right now! Knocks almost $10 off the belt! Also, you can use FirstimeOLC for an added $10 off. Saves you almost $20 bucks and for a belt of that quality, that’s a steal!

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    It looks good on the model, but damn if I didn’t detest crew neck sweatshirts when I was a kid. Their comeback makes me want to hatepuke.

    I’ve always wondered, though, with everything untucked, what keeps it all from riding up on you throughout the day, short of constantly running perimeter checks and yanking it back down?

    • Reply January 22, 2015


      I tuck in my shirts when wearing a sweater (personal taste), but I would assume the bottom of the sweater will hold the shirt in place (unless you’re really moving around).

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    I have a grey crewneck sweatshirt that I like to wear all the time, I’m glad they’re making a comeback. I’d probably throw on some blucher mocs or brown suede wingtips in place of the sneakers but over all nice look.

  • Reply January 23, 2015


    Don’t buy that watch. It’s super tiny and you’ll never want to wear it.

    • Reply January 23, 2015


      That’s why I like it!

      • Reply January 26, 2015


        I bought that watch because of another post on Primer (I think…) and I wear it almost every day. Definitely got a ton of value out of it for what it costs.

  • Reply January 24, 2015

    Dan McKeown

    I love the Live Action Getups. Keep these up!!!

  • Reply February 5, 2015

    Gary Burt

    i volunteer to model the next get up! lol Nice post andrew!

  • Reply November 27, 2015


    Not a big fan of the sneakers with the outfit. Something to me looks out of place once you get to the footwear. I would probably prefer a brown leather moc toe boot. Anyone think that would work with this Getup?

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