Enter to Win a MVMT Watch with 5 Lucky Winners!

Enter to Win a MVMT Watch with 5 Lucky Winners!
No one will believe how affordable these are.

It’s the age old problem. Well-designed things are expensive, so dressing well must be expensive. If you’re like me, you’ve spent your entire life oogling over expensive things you can’t afford, and used up an unreasonable amount of time trying to recreate the look and feel with frugal alternatives. Unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for.

Especially with watches, the cheaper options never stack up to their designer counterparts. The designs are dated. The metal feels cheap. The metal strap has some ugly expanding bracelet from 1980. The numbers look like they were printed in Times New Roman.

That’s exactly what Jake and Kramer wanted to combat when they founded MVMT. Why can’t you find a clean, minimalist watch for less than $250 made with durable materials from a company so sure of their product they offer a two year warranty?

Hoping to get some initial startup money, they posted a modest Indigogo campaign in 2013 seeking $15,000 to produce their first line. Within 50 days they surpassed that goal by more than 1,400% raising $220,000 and becoming the second most funded fashion campaign in Indigogo history.

But most likely you don’t need me to give you an introduction, as MVMT watches are the dominant watch brand of social media influencers big and small, frugal and luxury. In fact, while the Indigogo campaign was successful, their impressive growth has been almost entirely through social media.The minimalist design means they slip between casual and professional settings with ease. Their focus, not only on simple colors like my white face and tan leather strap highlighted above, but design forward options like black on black and rose gold finally offer guys a well designed and affordable watch they can be proud to wear. I get complimented on mine nearly every time I wear it.

MVMT is the Everlane of watches; cutting out the middlemen and huge markups that come with them, designing in-house and selling directly to you on their website. But just because these watches are affordable doesn’t mean they’re delicate. Whopping in at 45mm and the brand new 40mm line, these watches are practically tanks. Tired of cheaper watches looking dainty on your massive wrists? These big guns made of 316 low carbon grade stainless steel using the highly praised Japanese Miyota Precision quartz movement aren’t going to throw in the towel very easily.

Offering free shipping and free returns, the MVMT team is so confident in their line they offer a 2 year warranty. If it fails you, they’ll replace it.

Now we’ve teamed up with MVMT to give FIVE lucky Primer readers brand new wrist wear, all you have to do is enter using the widget below.

Here are some of my favorite designs. Don’t want to take your chances with losing? I’ve included their 15% off Black Friday only pricing below.

Some of my favorite picks

With special 15% off Black Friday pricing



Sold out




Sold out




Sold out


Enter to win!

Entering to win one of the 5 watches is simple. Use the widget below to enter. You can enter up to 4 times!

MVMT Giveaway – 5 Lucky Winners!

Good luck!

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • MNuta

    These look great, but if 40 mm is their smallest case diameter then that’s a pretty big downside. The Ideal and classic case diameter for watches is IMO between 30 and 38 mm, larger than 40-42 mm looks flashy and doesn’t fit under shirt cuffs properly.

  • Ben

    For that price you can’t beat the style of these watches!

  • jpitt

    $100 for a watch that size and style is hard to beat!

  • Justin Mohammed

    They all look great. since my current watch collection consists of black faces and stainless steel, i would love to win the white face, with brown leather strap

  • Matt C

    Love to watches and surprised to see how affordable they are

  • http://twitter.com/mualhadi Muhanad

    Great designs, and so is the price

  • Dom

    Really love that chrono in gunmetal black.

  • bumblebeeman

    Great Watches, look nice.

  • Eric

    really like those, they remind me a lot of Skagen.

  • KPJ

    Good stuff.

  • Matt Carter

    Love these! Already own several

  • Eric Heidelmark

    Solid giveaway; Solid watches

  • Cryze

    MVMT are great, and I love the black/gold chrono.

  • Ales Alessandra

    My God MVMT is beautiful. Does it comes in women’s?

  • http://www.brndbl.tumblr.com/ Ryan Donnell

    Very similar to Nixon designs, and that’s not a bad thing!

  • Will

    looks pretty good.

  • Karl

    I have 2 of these watches. The Chrono Gun metal/sandstone leather and the Black/tan leather. I love both and wear them often. I cant go a day without getting a complement with both. I would highly recommend this brand especially if you like the style. The only down side is they don’t make an automatic yet and I think they probably will as they expand they’re line I just normally shy away from quartz watches but couldn’t resist the style and price.

  • Jason M

    LOVE the brown band with the black face!

  • Adams Tegeler

    Great giveaway! Thanks, Andrew.

  • Ty Sleck

    I want the one with the black face and the dark brown leather. Sold out, though!

  • Geoff

    I have to win, if I don’t I’m going to end up buying one…

  • Brett

    Nice to see an affordable dress watch on the market.

  • Elliot Miller

    Own one already, love the style

  • Simon

    black face and pale suede strap is my fav. Great style

  • Aristat

    I really like the simplistic design and color scheme nearly all their watches. I don’t currently have any watches with a face size that large but I’m excited to see how that works with my wardrobe. Thanks again, Andrew.

  • Will Milne

    These watches look awesome! I’ve been looking for a new one since my old “The Horse” watch kicked the bucket.

  • Russell

    I’ve seen these watched all over Pinterest. It’s good to know that a website I trust puts faith in them and they aren’t just spamming my Pinterest feed.

  • Dan McKeown

    These look real nice. I’ll have to add these to the wish list for Christmas.

  • Ray

    40 mm might be a bit too big but watches look good

  • shea

    these look great. nice find on the deals!

  • Andrew

    These watches look great!

  • Matt

    Love these watches!

  • GerMass

    I’d love the white face and caramel coloured strap! Gorgeous!

  • Matúš Straka

    First learnt about mvmt here on primer magazine while ago. Been big fan since. On my wishlist, noted as mvmt (any!) as I can’t pick one concrete model. Will definitely get one, but it would be super sweet if I could win one.

    And no worries about postage to Slovakia (as I live there), my sister lives in Boston, she’d be happy to send them over 🙂

    Good luck to other contenders

    • Matúš Straka

      Contestants rather. My foreignness has been busted 🙁

  • Bobby J

    Sure looks good

  • Anthony Wilen

    I am in love with the black/tan and the silver/brown “The 40” models. I think they would go the best with my work and casual wear.

  • Brandon Griswold

    These are such great watches!

  • Enrique Barrera

    I have wanted one of these for the longest time! Come on free watch!

  • Greggie

    These are great watches – I bought silver with brown band for my son. Wouldn’t mind one for myself!

  • ARay

    Thanks for the giveaway! Great looking watches

  • Michael

    I see some great styles!

  • Modern Connoisseur

    Simple and Clean

  • Mike Martinez

    those are great watches! I’m looking to add a few watches into my collection that have leather straps.

  • Brian

    Awesome watches.

  • Casey

    Great looking watches. Nicely understated.

  • micah

    The 40!

  • Leev Robert

    I’ve wanted one for 2 years now

  • Randi COOK

    The ones I really like are sold out, but I like the first one, CHRONO WHITE/CARAMEL LEATHER

  • JosephJB

    I’d love to have: ‘The 40 – Rose Gold/Natural Leather MVMT’ watch. Stylish and affordable.

  • http://patricepoliquin.com/ Patrice Poliquin

    Good design! I would like to win 🙂 Thank you for sharing those ones.

  • Bryan Hume

    These look rad! Always wanted one.

  • stanis3k .


  • Erika-Andrew Clarendon

    Nice looking watches here

  • Justin Boek

    Those are sharp watches for $100.

  • Turner

    The 40 is great

  • John M

    Agree with MNuta, 40mm as a default is a bit on the large side, but does help to make the minimalism more apparent at the same time.

  • K0nDoMo

    Would love to have one!

  • Daniel Janovici

    Very sleek and elegant watches. Perfect gift for holidays

  • http://drewcurtis.me/ Drew Curtis

    Love MVMT watches!

  • John

    Would love to see how the 40 would sit on my wrist.

  • T.Mai


  • D.Iglesias

    MVMT watches are the best! Really good brand!

  • Mo

    Here’s to hoping I win!

  • katball

    Nice watches for the price

  • Nima Beheshti

    Looks good!

  • Jace G

    Just commenting so i can enter. 😀

  • Redd70

    I’ve been wanting one of these forever! They are amazing! Definitely on my Christmas list.

  • auronblue

    Loving the look of those chronographs!

  • Josh VerStandig

    Followed both on Instagram – to bad I was already following on Twitter. Love these watches. Beautiful. Hoping one magically shows up in my mailbox or stocking soon.

  • JohnnySnow626


  • Chris Burkhalter

    Blue 40mm on brown leather looks great

  • Chris

    The all black watch with tan strap is nice

  • Brent

    Absolutely in love with the black on black.

  • Chris Langton

    I really like that white chrono. Understated and sharp.

  • Kevin Christensen

    I have always wanted a MVMT watch!

  • Katie D in LBK

    My husband would love one of these!

  • Scott

    They look nice.

  • Charlie

    Don’t typically go for black but that one in the last row is beautiful

  • Yingerman

    Nice looking bunch!

  • Jose Lima

    Really like the black faced ones.

  • Chase Ayres

    Been tempted to get one of these for awhile now

  • BJ7026

    These watches look great and the price is great too.

  • Jason

    These watches look amazing and the price well wow!

  • Dinos Korominas

    Love the tan band with the white face. at 40mm this watch would go everywhere with me

  • Jed

    Seems like solid value for the money. Price in the beater range but looks outside it. Sounds good to me.

  • Germán von Ulrich

    I would love to have the 40 Black/Tan Leather watch. It has a truly superb look! Great posts guys, you make the “design/price” problem a lot easier.

  • Macsdd

    Awesome giveaway!

  • http://bob.is/ Robert Calise

    I love the simplicity of these (much like my Skagen) and the price is hard to beat.

  • Mike Rogers

    These are so sweet!! Love the black face!

  • Bryan Trusty

    As always thanks for the awesome contests!

  • Thomas Olesen

    Love the look of the watches

  • Aidan O.

    Great watches! I like this giveaway. I hope I can have one.

  • Raymond Munoz

    Top notch, affordable watches.

  • Mark Newhouse

    I like their minimalist style…

  • Luis Rivera

    Hope to be one of the lucky ones!!

  • Mrnab

    Nice minimal design.

  • Adam Blakely

    Very nice looking watches. I love the design.

  • Fred

    I’ve wanted one of these for a while.

  • Victor Hugo Lopez


  • Brandon C

    Just got the 40mm in silver and tan leather, and man this thing is sharp! The case is fairly slim too, which makes for a comfortable fit on my smaller wrist. Can’t speak to the durability/reliability yet, but the styling is on point if you’re a minimalist kind of guy.

  • cfezz

    Some of these look great, though pretty large.

  • Karrie Millheim


  • Domenic Magazu III

    Looking forward to winning one of these. Too many of these would go great with my get ups. …

  • Billy

    Those watches look great, I’d love to snag one!

  • Marcelo

    the rose gold ones are awesome!

  • Phil Blaine


  • Matt

    I have been meaning to get a mvmt watch for a while, I love how they look

  • Jay Stadtfeld

    The first row on the left. Something about that strap and style of watch face is great looking.

  • Gene King

    These watches are pretty rad!

  • Tom

    White face with brown band

  • Today

    I’d like the silver one (4th one from top)

  • Salem Sahaag

    Nice watches, Awesome design

  • Mari F

    I’ve been seeing these watches all over social media especially the white face and brown leather strap. I just love their designs.

  • Anders L.S.

    I’ve been keeping my eye on these for a while. Though I always like watches that have a very low profile

  • adb142

    Looks snazzy!

  • NNA

    What a deal!

  • tshafer17

    Nothing beats a clean, simplistic design.

  • Eric Begin

    Love the rose gold. Great price

  • Neil

    Nice sharp, clean design.

  • ranma08


  • Miguel Meza

    I’ve been curious about this brand for some time now but still haven’t taken the plunge. Very minimal and stylish watches though! They’re definitely on my radar now.

  • Steve Jimenez

    Pick me!!!!

  • G.D.

    My everyday is a Hamilton, but these are really sharp. I’d love to try one out.

  • Michael

    These look fantastic! Ive become obsessed with watches lately and these look right up my alley.

  • Lisa Croci

    sexy spartan design

  • Gabe A.

    pretty cool watches

  • Patrick Wu

    These watches are great! I own one myself and I get a lot of compliments from other people at how astounding they look!

  • dko

    mvmt white chrono is def a great looking watch

  • Mel King

    Gorgeous watches! I love their minimalist aesthetic.

  • Ken Rafferty

    I personally love the rose gold/brown leather watch. That should look good on any wrist.

  • joe c

    Love the style, price can’t be beat.

  • Walker

    Good price and quality, I have the silver one and its held up to some wear and the band ages nicely

  • Scott

    It’s an interesting style. I’d probably choose one with a lighter leather band on it.

  • Jay

    hooray for minimalism!

  • Ben Stultz

    These look great and would be very sharp for some of my interviews coming up.

  • Riley

    Really like the design of these watches.

  • Tyler

    Love these watches!

  • Smirx

    Those are some stylish watches.

  • Rachael Greiner

    nice price

  • Mike

    These watches look really good for really cheap. M personal favorite is The 40 rose gold

  • irjas

    Love these watches. Cool price also

  • Jeff Rothrock

    Chrono Gun Metal/Sandstone Leather

  • Guada

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂 They all look amazing!

  • Kaylin Bruce

    I’d love to have the Chrono Black/Gold watch the most. Thanks for the chance!

  • Tanano

    Definitely been interested in these watches for a while now. The styles have evolved since it first came out and I’m finally ready to start looking into one now.

  • Al Sparks

    I really like MVMT watches. I plan on buying one after the holidays.

  • http://www.abeautifullittlelife.com/ Teri Ahlm

    My son says these are SICK! I’d love to win one for him!

  • Max Bodach

    tan with white face.

  • Angiemford1

    These are very nice watches and the price is definitely right!

  • Oscar Parada, Jr.

    These watches look really sweet!!!!

  • Jake

    Really nice watches!

  • Daniela Tapia


  • Bikinko

    Have 1 mvmt watch as my daily wear, wouldn’t mind having another

  • Tracy

    love these watches!!

  • Space_D

    These look fantastic

  • Branden

    really dig this watch, especially at this price point. It would be cool if they made an automatic at some point.

  • Josh Macy


  • TEAdown

    These look amazing, would be so excited to win one!

  • Christian P

    These are pretty awesome. Thanks for this giveaway! That Rose Gold <3

  • UB

    Great looking watches for great prices!

  • AJ

    Is on top of my wishlist for some time now. But never gave myself an excuse to buy extra watch when I’m happy with my current seiko.

  • trisha5k

    great watches great priice

  • I love the fact that these watches are quality ones without an expensive price tag! Beautiful wrist candy!

  • JJJ

    Great looking watch.

  • JustaNormalGeek

    Would love a new casual watch 🙂

  • Jon Bierer

    Great price point for the style. I see them on Instagram and tumblr all the time.

  • Elizabeth Kwederas

    Great watches! would love to have one for the hubby!

  • hermandj

    Nice. I like the one in the right column, third down

  • Matthew

    Always a fan of the minimalist look.

  • Sharon Dawson Bontz

    great looking watches.

  • Coleman Jackson

    awesome looking watches!!!!!

  • Marci

    The 40 – Rose Gold/Brown Leather would look wonderful for the man of my life. These are very stylish watches!

  • cathariner

    Great versatile style!

  • Daniel Kravitz

    Excited to win a watch!

  • phillipppp

    cool watch

  • diamondslady812
  • Erojohn

    I need a watch to look like my life isn’t a garbage fire.

  • Erich

    These look awesome! I’d love the THE 40 – SILVER/TAN LEATHER one.

  • Daniel James

    Smooth watches, I find that minimalism makes it hard to guess the value. Which is perfect for college kids on a budget

  • Father

    I really like this watch

  • Quinn

    Even though its they’re quite minimalist, they make a big impression.

  • ayy

    looks good!

  • DrDmax91

    I’d love the 40 in silver with tan leather

  • http://www.moltocrescendo.com Thom Qafzezi

    Look sweet! Very nice.

  • Carolsue Ezovski

    I like theThe 40 – Rose Gold/Brown Leather,but it is sold out. 🙁
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Jason Wood

    I’ve been looking for a new watch to wear at work. These would be great.

  • jea smith

    Chrono White/Caramel Leather

  • Ken Haggerty

    I’ve always admired the clean classical, and simple design sensibility of these watches.

  • Dennis Coe

    I like the brown leather and black face one!

  • Jesse Spaziani

    love the minimalist design

  • Aaron P.

    What gorgeous watches, all of them.

  • http://one2try.net/ Rita Alar

    Chrono Gun Metal/Sandstone Leather

  • Daniel Osman

    The chrono black leather looks awesome, would love to have it in my collection

  • Tim

    The rose gold and brown leather is my favorite.

  • Luca

    These are beautiful watches!

  • Brian D

    Nice clean style. I want one now

  • Tom

    Great styling for a great price

  • Roughkat

    Yes, these look great.

  • Ricky P

    MVMT’s watches have a look that’s clean, classic and fresh. Primer, as a place for men to commune to discuss the various aspects of fashion, style and everyday life, is very similar to MVMT, because their approach is also clean, classic and fresh. Glad that this post has brought all of us lurkers out of the shadows. G If I had a choice, I would choose the White/Tan Leather. ood luck Gents and thanks to MVMT and the staff at Primer for the opportunity to win a watch!

  • Talha Ahmed

    I hope i win this

  • Max K

    simple design- NICE!

  • Josh Hayes

    I love the rose gold options. MVMT watches look stunning!

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    The white chronograph is a beautiful thing!

  • AtThomas

    Got my brother hooked on these, but have yet to get one myself – time to jump on board.

  • tpop

    these watches look great!

  • Jon DeLange

    Love the minimalist design!

  • Roro Hamwi

    I love the 40mm rose gold brown leather one it stand out and I love to have it for my husband on his birthday and as a holiday gift

  • badrew

    Good lookin watch!

  • bvwagstaff

    Love the classic, minimal looks, not just in accessories and watches like The 40 – Silver/Brown Leather, but in all aspects of attire.

  • pyrokeet

    Nice clean design, shame the rose gold and leather one is sold out!

  • laydownlarry

    Hope to win

  • Greg

    Pick me!

  • A.L.

    The gold one I like the most. I tend to stick with leather straps though.

  • Lynn

    I got a black MVMT watch with a tan strap and it has quickly become my go-to watch. Fantastic style and great quality.

  • Adam m.

    would love to win one

  • Butch_Zee

    I’m in. Funny how you get hundreds of comments during giveaways. I know, I know…merely a coincidence!

  • Shawn G

    I like the minimalistic nature of the watch faces. Almost always a good look.

  • Steve K

    Cant wait to see it on my wrist

  • tim r

    While they definitely fill a need and a price point I could see a lot of these styles looking dated within the next 5 years outside of the normal traditional looking face / band combos. That being said great style and seems like a great addition to anyone who has the basics covered.

  • Alan F

    Really dig the light brown with the white face. Would be a good addition to my daily Skagen

  • JPintek

    I’ve been looking for a watch like this for a long time, I love the designs, and my brother has been needing one for ages.

  • http://Batmannananana.com/ Caesar Merlin

    Looks nice, I’d like to win one

  • Marco

    cool watches

  • Josh Hoefler

    I currently have two MVMT watches and love them.

  • cecil

    I would be happy with any of these to add to the watch rotation

  • John Hendrickson

    That all black watch with the tan band is one sleek watch. Great for an all black option if you switch out the band with a leather or nato strap!

  • kimmiehen

    This is the perfect Christmas gift!!

  • Karan Jacob

    Wow they all look amazing! Right now I have an old Bulova, a Caravelle, and a Moto 360 (my daily) but when I’m spending the whole day or night out its more convenient to have a plain old watch. Really hope I win!

  • TJ

    Great designs for the basic watches but I’m not a fan of the chronos. They’re too simple. For me a chrono is supposed to be a little complicated, that’s part of the appeal.

  • Syje

    Some of those look amazing!

  • Preston

    The rose gold case with the leather band is a beautiful classic style. As a big watch enthusiast it would be awesome to win one of these!

  • J Fitzwater

    I love that white face watch!

  • Jose Luis Cucalon Molina

    Omg. This looks great,!

  • (Ran)

    Love that black face with the blue hands.

  • Chadwick Epps

    Really like the minimalist look of these watches.

  • Nick C

    I have a new found love for watches and I couldn’t imagine a better watch than the 40 to start my collection!

  • Susan Highland

    MVMTM is gorgeous! My pick!

  • Kallie-and Joshua Jones

    I’d sure love this watch

  • Matt

    I’m game!

  • Dallin

    I like the black face and calfskin band

  • Lizard531

    Love the rose gold!

  • Jessie R

    Wow! So many great styles it’s hard to choose. If it were for myself I would choose the womens’s rose gold/white. If I were to gift one to my husband it would be the 40- rose gold/black. Absolutely stunning watches!

  • Ben

    Super excited!

  • Gavin Davey

    I love the designs of these watches.

  • David Dallas

    Love it

  • Mike

    The Rose Gold and leather looks amazing!

  • Austin C

    These watches look great! Definitely a timeless and classy design!

  • Ilyas Mohamed

    Really Stylish and competitive watches

  • Cindy Graf Jolly

    I like the ones with the dark leather bands

  • drew kwederas

    These look great! I hope I get picked. I don’t know which one id choose:)

  • Dan A.

    Looks similar to Nixon. I wonder how they compare? Nixon’s can be real heavy.

  • Chad Blank

    Love the simplicity of Skagen. These remind me of them. Really like the Rose style.

  • http://williamrinehart.com Will Rinehart

    I have heard good things about these watches on the Interwebz.

  • Casey Zimmerman

    Fantastic deals on some beautiful watches!

  • Swayze

    Love the look of these! The brushed looking gray faces are sweet!

  • golfdcp

    Love the watch

  • ill_will_g

    Nice simplistic look, classy!

  • Set

    Nice; I think the sand colored straps match my preference best.

  • Chad Orlikowski

    Ugh… I feel like a watch junkie jonesing for this watch!

  • Saovada P.

    I’ve been looking for a leather band watch. These MVMT watches are simple, affordable, and stylish.

    – Shanks P.

  • M Elshamy

    Love the simple but classic designs.

  • Karine Martin

    My husband would love the

    The 40 – Black/Tan Leather as a Christmas surprise !

  • sanaaquuu

    love thw look of these

  • Ben

    this could bring me out of my dive watch phase

  • hman

    Cool watches!

  • Brian Weigelt

    Love the simple design! Great prices!

  • Oscar Parada, Jr.

    Good luck to every one in this contest. Not gonna lie though…. I want to win!

    Ha ha ha!!!

  • Red


  • James

    Great looking watches given the price. Any word on quality as compared to other watches at this price point? I’ve frequently heard good things about Japanese movements.

  • Ward10

    Amazing watches – this site continues to get better and better!

  • dbmatson

    Wow, these look like pretty nice watches

  • Jon

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • J. S. Qeem

    wow these look great and are super affordable indeed

  • StephenKP

    I think that the rose gold one is absolutely beautiful and I’d love to get that one. Even if I don’t win, I would buy it along with a few of there other watches. I did read a comment on the size of the watch, so I’m very interested to see how big it is in person.

  • Jenny

    The 40 tan leather would be gorgeous on my man 🙂

  • tgieph

    I think the Chrono Gold / Black Leather & Chrono Black Leather look amazing!

  • Steeps

    Really love the rose gold with tan leather!

  • Lisa Croci

    I would like it in 36mm too.

  • Mr. Woods

    I almost bought one of these. Like the minimal look but decided to think about it more. Time to graduate from Timex haha, not that there’s anything wrong with them.

  • David

    The dark brown leather with the white face looks great.

  • JohnyMyko

    MVMT watches are beautiful!

  • http://www.etudoounada.com.br/ Filipe Bragança

    Such a beautiful watchs…

  • Jaciel

    Id like all watches!

  • Rhett

    Light band, dark face! Nice watches

  • David Dabbi Willis

    Ive got one of their watches. it’s one of my favorites

  • Allen W

    Awesome Watch!

  • Josh11

    Silver/tan leather makes simple look so classy. Rose gold/natural leather also a great option.

  • BR

    Love the watches!

  • Adam Kappel

    Asked for a few for Christmas.Would be cool to have a nice little collection!

  • http://domzalski.info Michal

    I love the one with white face and tan strap, wish to win it!

  • DubyahEhtch


  • Flaviu

    I just discovered the brand. Did a bit of research afterwards and they have a nice story and a great idea. I really liked their approach.
    Thinking about buying one these days.
    As for you Andrew, you`re doing a great job. Primer Magazine is quite awesome. I really appreciate what you`ve created here. Keep up the good work.

  • MNutella

    Looks great!

  • Cheryll Cosenza

    They are all gorgeous!! I really love the HE 40 – SILVER/BROWN LEATHER. The band looks so fancy and the face is beautiful! I would love to surprise my husband with such an amazing watch!! He needs one so badly!!
    Just realized I said I commented under Cheryll Shubert, not Cosenza on the contest entry. Just wanted you to know!! Xo

  • Jonas Cooke

    Great Watches, look nice.

  • Elder Tanaka

    Awesome picks.

  • Baron Kanter

    Damn those are beautiful watches

  • fredX

    Love the chrono gun with the leather straps!

  • Josh Martin

    I would definitely love to grab one of the white/gold/lighter brown straps to up my watch game at work.

  • http://www.GoSportTees.com Porter

    These watches are awesome. Definitely on my must buy list.

  • Julian Salamanca

    classy and casual watches

  • wyfulton

    Great looking watches!

  • Allen

    Awesome watches.