5 Under $50 – Labor Day

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  • http://Batmannananana.com/ Caesar Merlin

    Is the bag kind of like a poor man’s Filson?

    • bryclops

      I think that’s the idea. I use mine as my gym bag and I’m a fan, although the bottom is a bit pleathery.

    • http://www.stylegirlfriend.com/ Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

      It’s definitely a great bag though

  • jbird669

    Who spends $50 on a first date?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Two rounds of cocktails at $13 each. Plus tax and tip. It adds up really fast.

      • jbird669

        Oh okay, so you always got out and you’re in a major city. I am in a mid-level PA town, and that’s 4-5 drinks each for me. For the record, I’m a beer drinker, so two drinks is $12.

      • jbird669

        That’s also assuming a first date is at a bar, which isn’t always the case for me.

    • Christian Naylor

      Who doesn’t spend $50 on a first date?

      • jbird669

        I rarely spend $50 on a date for a woman I am seeing, let alone a first date.

  • Matt

    Are these only available at this price for today?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      A couple are Labor Day weekend sales.

  • http://brodojo.net Sensei

    I think a bottle of Four Roses is in my near future, very tasty!

  • Steeps

    Dang! Those boots would have been great. Everything close to a 10 is sold out though.