5 Under $50 – April 14, 2015

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  • http://www.helloericritter.com/ Eric Ritter

    Good stuff as usual. However, with Spring/Summer on the doorstep I’d like to see something geared towards warmer weather. And not a pair of chinos and sweater.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Definitely on the way! These items are great deals because they’re end of season sale items.

  • Steven

    Two things: J. Crew sadly does not sell pants in a size 28/30, and those chinos are actually more of a classic fit than a slim fit. J. Crew is always so close to perfect, but not quite there.

  • Chris M

    I clicked on the link for the chinos and it took me to broken-in chinos in classic fit. I added them to the cart and entered the promo code and they aren’t coming up on sale. I searched for classic slim chinos and only a boys version came up. Please let me know how I can get these chinos for $35…that is definitely a steal.

  • Josh

    If you want a slightly more advanced (4 channel) helicopter, I would recommend the WL V911. The 3 channel helicopters (like the one posted) are great to learn on because they’re cheap, but the 4 channel provide a more “realistic” flying experience (and easier in my opinion) because they can go side to side (roll). You can pick up the V911 for $40 on Amazon.

    • Josh

      Another benefit is that you can pick up some extra batteries (most 3 channel helicopters have integrated batteries) for around $5 to extend your flying fun and learn quicker.

  • Ry

    gap is doing 50% off markdowns in stores this week. and there’s already quite a bit from the early spring line priced to move. go take advantage!