5 Under $50 – May 4, 2015

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  • Tom

    Actually, the Gap shoes come out to be $8.44 with the “LOVE” promotion code. Plus, you get free 2 day shipping! Valid until 11:59 EST May 4.

    • FZSix

      Just when I thought the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, thanks dude!

    • SalPic

      I JUST did this. Got the Natural and the Navy (the Navy wasn’t AS cheap). $21, free 2 day shipping. Even if they are terrible (and the reviews say they are not), it’s only $10 a pair!

      • Tom

        Just a quick comment. There are 2 “navy” shoes. The more expensive one ($17.99 before the promotion) is navy with a white microstripe. They also have a plain navy shoe that is $12.99 ($8.44) after the sale.

        • SalPic

          True. I got the microstripe. I thought they were cool.

  • Ryan N

    Anyone know if the Gap shoes run large, small, or true? Sounds like a great price..

    • SalPic

      The reviews said true, but a little narrow in the toe area.

  • EddieNorCal

    gorilla zombies? Thanks for the nightmares

  • auronblue

    Take another 30% off that J Crew bag today (5/4) and get free shipping with code: letsgosale
    Bag comes down to under $28. Mine is on its way.