5 Under $50

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  • TimO

    This is going to be a thing now, right?…RIGHT?

    • Jonathan

      I really hope so, this was great. This stuff is very helpful for guys on a budget.

  • Guy Kamealoha Noa

    Nice work

  • Malaquias

    I get sunglassses at wholesale price. it’s pretty awesome and they do a lot for my wardrobe.

  • EB III

    If the Aviators are like the clubmasters from Jcrew Factory in quality, I would highly suggest investing the $50 or $60 (depending on price on Amazon) for American Optics Aviators. The Jcrew Factory clubmaster sunglasses are extremely flimsy and cheap feeling. I wouldn’t drop $ for Ray Bans, but the AO Aviators are amazing for the price point imho.

    • OF

      will look into it.

    • bhoe

      The only thing i would add here is that the AO aviators are not for everyone. For guys with larger sized heads or faces they might be a bit snug, to way to small. The $20 option might give you a reference point while saving some dough. I have a somewhat smaller head and the AO’s actually look pretty small on me.

      • No Name

        Ralph Engineering is another option but higher price point.

        • gamnoparts

          Randolph Engineering?

  • TJ

    I’d spend a little extra and get the AO pilots. I got them for under $50 on Amazon. They are going to be sturdier and the lenses are actually glass. And while Cremo isn’t bad, I like my Proraso which I get on Amazon for around $10.