The Getup: Working Remotely from a Cafe

Sometimes to get things done, you’ve got to get away. Stay comfortable but still look like you’re on the job.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Rob Dc

    I love my Clark’s but I always wear Smartwools. They can be pricey but the comfort is worth it.

    • Andrew

      Is that for extra padding?

      • Rob Dc

        Not necessarily. Some pairs like the PhD ones are thicker though. During the summer I wear the ones meant for cycling. The merino wool just keeps your feet very dry. REI and EMS make good store brand ones too.

        They come in a variety of colors if you are worried about style.

      • disqus_fTffcU9c8e

        I have a bachelor party to attend (as a groomsman) in December. Anyway you could do a Getup for “Bachelor Party: Night out (or Weekend)”? Thanks

  • Butch_Zee

    Trucker jacket, plaid shirt, and super-skinny pants…this outfit is too hipsterish for me to pull off.

    • jbird669

      I always look at these as inspirational pieces. I might go khakis, denim jacket, plaid shirt and boots, but not necessarily these.

    • Travis

      Can always swap the plaid shirt for a plan OCBD and a different type of pant in a fuller cut. Trucker jacket is classic.

    • Josh M

      I’m six feet tall and 175 pounds with a 31 inch waist and the 511’s don’t fit me like “skinny” pants. They’re slim fit for sure, but I get a lot of compliments when I wear my 511’s. I would recommend going to you local Penney’s/Macy’s/Levi’s store and trying some on. Levi’s has a lot of fit choices and there’s probably something that works well for you. That being said, this outfit does lean a little toward hipster.

    • Andrew

      That’s an interesting observation, this outfit seems right in line with the others I do. As Travis and Jbird point out things can be swapped to make it more your style.

      • Butch_Zee

        Like I said, I couldn’t pull it off, doesn’t mean others can’t. I like the outfit, I just couldn’t wear those three pieces mentioned together. I could definitely mix & match though as you, Jbird, and Travis said. (Swapping tapered-ankle pants for something more straight-legged, of course.)

    • Justin

      The 511 is a slim cut jean, the 510 is their skinny jean.

      • arbitrarious

        Also check out their new 522 fit. Less baggy in the ass than the 511s and the leg opening on the 522 is about 1/4″ narrower than the 511s (I have chicken legs so…).

  • Joey

    Pretty sure those are Clarks Bushacres, which is what I would buy over the DB anyway.

    • Jake

      Why Bushacres over DB? The sole?

      • Rob

        Yes, the crepe sole on the regular Clark’s is lighter in color and gets pretty blackened in just a short time. The rubber sole of the Bushacres doesn’t seem to show as much dirt. The crepe sole is softer, however, and some people prefer this to the harder rubber of the Bushacres.

  • JS

    That denim jacket is listed as JC Penny but links to Macy’s. Just FYI

  • techorama

    I’ll put it out there….general question…what’s the upper age limit for this look?

    • Andrew

      50 maybe? It’s a pretty classic style I think. The denim jacket would be the first to go, and without it it’s pretty ageless.

      • Rob

        As probably one of the older guys on this site, I think I concur with Andrew. I’ve never worn denim jackets much and I might opt for a more traditional belt, but otherwise anyone could wear this.

    • jean

      51 here and still rocking that style successfully (though I look younger).

  • Eddie

    What color are the 511 Levi’s?

  • Josh M

    Andrew: I love the get-ups. On more than one occasion I’ve ordered the entire outfit. The only problem I have is that I have red/green color vision and a lot of times, I can’t tell what color(s) to order. The pants in this get-up are a prime example. When I link to the Levi’s page, there are three different colors that not only look exactly the same as one another to me, but also appear to my eyes to be the color you’ve shown here.
    In short, what color are these pants?

    • Andrew

      So glad you like them! These are the burnt olive.

  • Adam B

    Sharp outfit, but I can’t get behind the Old Spice hair stuff. I’ve tried and I really want to like them because of the price point and my loyalty to their other products. The hold just isn’t great and makes my hair a little crunchy.

  • Jason Schwass

    Tucked or untucked?

    • David M

      I’d say untucked here, since it’s a casual outfit.

    • Aaron

      Pants or no pants?

  • Vegashouse

    I just got this jacket today and love it. Imo it fits better than the levi trucker jackets I have tried on. The levi ones have always looked ‘boxy’ on me

    • Ingenium21

      does it shrink any when put in the wash?

      • Vegashouse

        I haven’t washed yet. Probably wait awhile before I do and then I will let it air dry (no dryer).

  • Michael

    Great outfit.

    If you had to buy one pair of Clarks Desert Boots, what color would you get? I’ve delayed the purchase for years.

    • Guest

      Ox Blood, but they are super hard to find.

    • Justin

      Oxblood, but they are super hard to find.

      • elidj3

        Picked up the Oxbloods last year, got so many compliments on them. They haven’t been put up on the Clark’s site yet, so keep watching.

        Otherwise, I’d go with Beeswax leather because of it’s versatile color and looks great through wear/scuffing.

  • Levitate Style

    Love this outfit – casual and clean while pulling off fall colors

  • Mike F

    You guys show a lot of Gap and Old Navy clothes are your examples for the various get-ups and stuff. No offense, but isn’t their stuff kinda crappy?

    • Tom

      Have to jump in on this one way late. I never thought GAP was crappy (maybe boring), but I used to think Old Navy was about a step below Goodwill.

      Then I bought my first Henley from Old Navy that Andrew suggested and it changed my mind. I’m still getting good use out of it. You can’t just buy any old thing from them, but there are certain things you can make work for you. I actually have a pair of Cords from them that I really like, even though they aren’t top quality pants. But they are the best Cords I have found in literally years.

      And then there’s GAP. They have really turned my mind around in recent months. If you need staples, GAP is unbelievably handy. No labels in your face, good quality clothes, and stylish without being fashion forward. I have a number of clothes from GAP that just look like…clothes. And they aren’t cheap quality despite the fact they didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

      Just my 2-cents (well, this is so long maybe it’s my 4-cents) .

  • bee

    any ideas on where to shop for affordable cardigans in different colors? looking for maroon, tan etc…

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