The Getup: Winter Wedding

The Getup: Winter Wedding
Don't feel bad that you'll look better than the groom.

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  • the professor

    not sure about that shirt.

    • Andrew

      I like the way the pattern looks in the swatch at the top, more than the way it does on the shirt shrunk down, I think the details get lost.

      • ForeverGuest

        I like the pattern, but I think when combined with the button-down collar it makes the shirt too casual to wear with a suit and tie, especially to a winter wedding, which on average are slightly more formal than more casual spring/summer weddings. Good color pairings though. If the shirt had a semi-spread instead of a button-down I thing it would’ve been money.

        • Andrew

          You know, I don’t agree completely but I really appreciate that you had good reasons. 😀 Thanks for the comment!

          • ForeverGuest

            At least now we know we’ll never show up wearing the same getup. I hear some tribes go to war for that sort of thing.

    • Verge Godemiche

      Totally agree, the shirt is not appropriate for a wedding. A high quality tailored dress shirt in a light blue or white would be much better.

  • dj

    NEVER wear patterned shirts to a wedding

    • Andrew

      That sounds like one of those “don’t wear white after Labor Day” kind of rules. I suppose if you’re going to a formal wedding it would be inappropriate but for your average wedding its totally fine.

      • Chris

        100% agree…….I find myself only wearing patterned shirts to weddings. Great way to have fun and experiment a little. Throw in a little something that you can’t/don’t typically wear for work.

    • Bill

      What? You must be fun at parties with your silly rules

    • Jano

      Strongly disagree, unless it is a very formal wedding. Even then, that tends to only apply to the bridal party.

      Unfortunately in my experience American weddings tend to be fairly casual, I’ve even seen people attend in jeans and a polo! Shame. While most European weddings are fairly dressed up, even this would still be acceptable.

  • Collin

    I want to point out that Kenneth Cole top coat looks MUCH better on than in that picture. I have it and I love it, but for some reason in that picture it just looks bad.

    • Andrew

      Awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Will

    The shirt kind of threw me, too, but I LOVE this outfit. Why? Because it’s sharp (like most of the Getups usually are) but it’s something I can finally afford. Thanks for going the more frugal route, Andrew, intentional or not!

  • SS

    Love the patterned shirt. So much better than a plain boring solid!

  • Scott

    I have that suit. I’ll have to keep this post in the back of my mind for the future. Thanks!

  • Ryan Donnell

    How’s that Quicksand on the hair?

    • Andrew

      I love it. It’s my personal favorite – it’s great for fine hair, it’s thickening without being hard or crusty like a gel, or greasy like a pomade. It’s got a gritty texture, but that goes away when you put it in your hair.

  • Galco

    Mr. Andrew Snavely, you do such amazing work with these Getup articles. I’m very appreciative of them. You’ve certainly helped me get my style on track and where I want my clothing to be. Thanks again mate.

    • Andrew

      Thank you!! I’m so glad I could help.

  • Con

    That tie has been sold out from Frank & Oak for about two weeks now.. 🙁

  • Tyler Lesley

    Do you own that belt? The description says full grain leather but one of the reviews on Amazon says it is stamped with “Genuine Leather”.

  • Bal

    If your average wedding is not formal, then I don’t even know where to being. Wear this at my wedding you are not coming through the door. Horrible