The Getup: Winter Casual

The Getup: Winter Casual
A simple, comfortably rugged look, perfect for wherever your day off takes you.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Tyler Lesley

    Any experience with the K-Mart flannel? That’s a great price if the quality is even halfway decent.

    • Andrew

      Not from K-Mart, but I picked up a similarly priced flannel from Wal-Mart before and it got its wear. Just watch out for shrinking.

      • Eric Henao

        I’ve had good success last year with flannels from J.C. Penny’s. Not at the $9 price point, but closer to $15. Good stuff.

    • Matt Reeder

      FYI, it looks like the Kmart flannels are back up to 17.99. I swung by my local store over lunch, and the 50% off sale expired yesterday. Luckily for me, they still had the sign up, and they were willing to honor it.

      They also run about a size large. I usually wear a M (5’7″, 180), and I was able to comfortably fit a S over my button down in the fitting room.

      • Andrew

        Nice! Thanks for the heads up and fit details.

      • JP

        Any frugal alternatives to that K-Mart shirt? 😉

        • Matt Reeder

          You may want to keep an eye on them – the employees I was talking to mentioned that they thought that they’d be moving to clearance shortly.

          I’d imagine it’s be the same story across the major big boxes – it’s time for them to start making room for swimwear.

  • Dave Oeskovic

    Hate white sneakers ever since living abroad. You could always tell the Americans because of their ill-fitting polo shirts, pleated khakis and big white sneakers.

    • Andrew

      What sneakers do you opt for?

      • Dave Oeskovic

        Lately New Balance classics (have a camo pair I’m wearing way too often) and black leather “Converse like” Keds.

    • Hypnotoad

      I agree completely. All I can think of is male cheer leader when I see them on a man…..and thats not a good look. Its a good get-up but needs a study boot like an Iron Ranger or Longbranch – especially so because its for winter weather.

  • John

    I’d go with a more colorful plaid (not gray) and multi sport shoes, but this is essentially what I wear all the time. K mart and Wally World have some good stuff. You just have to be selective.

  • Josh Macy

    Winter necessitates shoes that cover your ankles. So much sludge and snow up here in New England.

  • Marcus

    While I understand the shoe choice chosen for the outfit, living in Chicago, it leaves me disappointed. With all the slush on the city sidewalks, only a boot will work in winter.

    • Andrew

      The jacket is probably too light for that too. Everyone has to modify it to fit their climate.

      • Evan85

        E.g. Today it’s 42 degrees (107 F) in Australia, and just looking at these items makes me sweat (but I’m going to keep them in mind for winter).

  • Kyle Boureston

    Andrew, this is helpful. My wardrobe is stuck in the college zone (baggy sweaters and over-sized flannels).

    • Michael

      Hi Kyle, are you new to Primer? I recommend checking out the other getups (link at the bottom of the article). It really helped me evolve my style when I was in a similar situation before graduating

      • Kyle Boureston

        I haven’t but I will check it out. Thanks brotha.

  • Daniel

    Which version of those jeans come with a zipper? There’s no way I can deal with a button fly closure. WAY too much work to get your bird out when you need it.

    • Travis

      Levis 501s are almost always button flys. You might look for a different one of their cuts like the 505. But honestly, Ive had my 501s for 3 years now and find it takes no less time to get it out versus a zipper.

      • Daniel

        I don’t know man…I guess it’s something I’d have to get used to, but still everytime I’ve tried them on it seems like such a pain. Maybe I have bad hand/eye/button-fly coordination…

  • Nick

    Anyone have an Idea on a fit for the sweater? At 6’2″ 200lbs I feel like sizing down to a med from a lg isnt an option?

  • Lou

    I feel like white shoes are a MAJOR no-no in the winter. They’ll be black in three minutes here.

  • Gary

    Recommend Macy’s sweater over flannel?

    • Andrew


  • Geoff

    Andrew, keep up the quality work. Thanks for your help.

  • A. Williams

    I really love these “GETUPs” They make me feel that even as a college student I can still rock the right gear, for less! Thank you Primer & Andrew

  • Seth Penny

    Can the sneakers be replaced with a more casual oxford for work attire?

    Here is the oxford I’m talking about:

    • Andrew

      Absolutely! I dig ’em.