The Getup: The Spring Transition

The Getup: The Spring Transition
Winter colors in spring styles keep you comfortable in warming temperatures.

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  • danny

    I would love this outfit completely if not for the old navy button down. While the pattern is nice, the shirts are very boxy (and that’s what I expect for a shirt of that price) and not slim fitting at all. If you’re a trim fellow with an average build then these will need tailoring.

    • scott

      Old Navy does now have slim fit shirts, though I agree their classic or regular fit shirts are horrendously boxy. Also, wide range of softness, going from really soft to really freaking scratchy. It’s hit or miss, but you can find a good shirt for cheap in the clearance section if you’re patient.

  • Tyler

    I just got that wallet in the mail yesterday (the cromexcel version). It will never hold all my cards but its great to have around when you’re looking for something slimmer.

    • Rt1583

      Time to pare down the number of cards perhaps?

  • Abe

    Just a thought but have you considered including a pic of the whole outfit together on a model or manikin? Might be nice to see how it all goes together.

    • Paul

      Actually Andrew, I think that’s an incredible idea. That said, you have to actually own the clothes (or at least have access to them)..but if you could pull it off that would be cool!

      • Omar Ruvalcaba

        But, I like how he shows them separately. It lets me look at each piece individually.

        • Matt

          Why not both!?

    • Andrew

      I’d definitely like to do more. I do the “Live Action Getups” when possible – as Paul said I’d have to have all the clothes for every Getup which I think would be limiting for what we can do.

  • Jim

    You can easily free up some space in your wallet by using an app like Keyring (which I am in no way affiliated) – i got rid of 80% of the cards in my wallet by having that on my smart phone. It works pretty well with most bar code scanners.

    • Tyler

      Nice tip. Installed it today and it definitely made my wallet liter.

  • Eddie

    Which Clark’s Desert Boots are these?

  • Narn

    Well done with all the clothing inspiration thus far….I really appreciate your neat and practical set, Andrew. Anyway, why don’t you include a bit bolder/ colorful pieces or push more into fancier formal wardrobe….kinda Italian feel? I believe many people need idea on those also. 🙂

  • Kelvin

    Love the outfit. I was just wondering what color of Clark Desert boots are those?

  • Justin

    That wallet is a knock off of Saddleback’s ID wallet. Saddleback’s is much better and only a few dollars more.

  • Brick

    The code will not apply to the blazer. It’s in the details for the code.

  • Clay

    Does Frank and Oak raw denim need to be bought large/shrunk with the Levis STF method?