The Getup: T-shirt & Shorts

Going some place where anything more than a t-shirt would be out of place? You can fit in and still look sharp.

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  • Ricco S.

    The Fresh Balls stuff is awesome. Plus it has a great name.

  • Ryan N

    Whoa, those boats look great for the price, and leather? Any firsthand experience Andrew?

    • Adam D

      I’d like to know as well, those do look great for the price!

    • Andrew

      Unfortunately not, I was as excited when I saw them. The brand is carried at JCPenney, you can take a look at some of their other offerings to get a feel.

      • Ryan N

        Guess I’m the guinea pig then!

        Two pairs on the way, will report back with my findings when they arrive.. with free ship over $50 and free returns, why not?

        • Andrew

          That’d be great, thanks!

        • aaron

          How’d these shoes turn out?

          • Tim

            I got a pair last week. Love the look, but the quality is lacking. The footbed resembles a cheap flip-flop and is completely flat. There is no arch support. The sole is also flat and offers no traction at all, so I imagine they’d be fairly worthless on an actual boat. Fit is very true to size (maybe a D width?). For $33, these aren’t too bad if you like the look.

          • Ryan N

            Sorry about that! I have to echo Tim here. The look isn’t bad, but it just makes me realize that I don’t need yet another pair of boat shoes, not for the price. Honestly, they’re not that bad, and would probably do much better with some wear, but they certainly aren’t the $85 “msrp”.

  • Guest

    I can’t find the shirt on the website…

  • fluffstravels

    I feel like all these colors are very monotone…. is that just me?

    • Andrew

      Not monotone, since that would require them being the same color, but they are all of a similar shade.

  • Holiday Kirk

    Maybe it’s a matter of taste but I would never pair a collarless shirt with shorts. It feels too sloppy to me.

    • Brian Six

      Interesting…I don’t think I’d ever pair a collared shirt with shorts. Feels like a clash of formality.

  • Brett Vaughan

    HA! Finally a post I can really enjoy. I hate to dress up, but to see me in public it wouldn’t look that way. I really prefer the shorts and T option any day, even on cold days. It’s just more comfortable. The wife would prefer I dressed up nearly everywhere we go, so this makes a happy medium. VERY glad to have found this.

  • Gary

    Hey Andrew could you do a sporting event get up? For example college/pro football game. Thanks