The Getup: Sweatshirt, Jeans, and Sneakers

The Getup: Sweatshirt, Jeans, and Sneakers
Casual can be classy.

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  • Michael Rieger

    Awesome! Thanks Andrew!

  • El Professor

    Those Columbia jackets are equivalent to wearing clunky athletic sneakers with dad jeans in my book.

  • Matt

    Where are you seeing the Toms for $59? Site has them as 79

  • Matt

    ^Nevermind! Silly me. These are the Paseo’s not the Cordones!

  • TyLo

    What the crap is solid cologne? Like the “getup” though, I’m from the south so it looks hot, but I’ll just shed the Columbia. Like these updates p.s.

    • Andrew

      It’s like a smelly wax. Rub some on your fingers and put it on your neck or wherever.

  • Seth

    Could you replace the shoes with sperry’s or a chukka?

    • BPR

      No. It can’t be done.

    • Andrew

      Definitely, that’d be a great look as well.

  • David

    Any thoughts on a durable sneaker? I seem to wear out shoes that are like the Paseos, vans authentics or converse.

  • Butch_Zee

    I’m not a fan of tartan shirts, but in this case, it really works for the outfit, as the sweatshirt is very plain/classic/athletic. It’s definitely a very sharp casual getup Andrew. It’s very “Steve McQueen.” Also, thumbs up on the solid cologne recommendation. I sometimes uses solids in the winter as my skin is drier.

  • sojo2600

    Apparently I’m starting to jive with your style, Andrew. I bought the LEC shirt a couple of days before you posted this. Nice.

  • Eddie

    What color are the pants? Burnt russet? Rich ginger?

    • Andrew

      Eddie, They’re the rich ginger color.

  • Brett Rhodes

    Had the same question Andrew on the pants….the burnt russet and the rich ginger look similar…which is posted above?

    • Andrew

      Those are the rich ginger.

  • Baseman

    Totally getting totally getting those pants and shades

  • belgand

    It’s a great shirt, but be aware that it’s a bit more green/aqua rather than the more electric blue color shown here. It looks great, but it’s much more subdued and with greater prominence to the red tones.