The Getup: Summer Evening Bonfire Date

The Getup: Summer Evening Bonfire Date
Gather around the bonfire with good friends, good food, and a good date.

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  • bankc11

    That cooler has been blowing up on the internet! I need one 🙂

  • bryclops

    I’m not feeling the watch here, and the printed shirt trend is a bridge too far for me, as well. Nice color scheme, though.

    • John Schroeder

      Agreed on both counts. I’m not sold on the recent trend towards printed shirts. Tattersall or gingham/plaid tends to be as far as I venture away from solids. Also, personally I would lean toward something more casual for the watch, a simple Timex with a NATO strap or something similar. I also like the color scheme.

      Andrew, solid find on the inexpensive picnic blanket from H&M. I might have to pick one up for myself.

  • jbird669

    That cooler looks awesome! And unless you’re in the Great White North, it’s way too hot for long sleeves of any kind.

    • Perry

      I’m in upstate NY and it’s going down into the 40s tonight, 30s in the Adirondacks.

    • Andrew

      We’ve got quite a many readers outside of the south. 🙂

      • jbird669

        Neither am I. I am in PA. Won’t be able to wear a coat and be comfortable until late Sept/early Oct.

        • Andrew

          Awesome, which part?! I was just back home in central PA. The evenings here in the west sometimes dip down enough where a sweatshirt is comfortable.

          • bryclops

            I grew up in the Bay Area, and I miss the cool nights now that I live in the South. I still find it hard to leave the jacket at home when I go out at night.

          • jbird669

            Lehigh Valley – Bethlehem. And I feel you, I am just a warm person by nature. I probably should post that I’d like to see a short sleeve as well as long sleeve option for us warmer folks. Reading my post I sound like a DB.

    • Adam Brewton

      Down here in South AL it’s still high 80’s or low 90’s in the evening but I could do long sleeves if they’re rolled up a bit and the material is light enough. The hoodie would obviously be out. And that cooler… Yes please.

      • Damiyon

        I am in Montgomery and I know what you mean.

      • TJ

        I’m from Birmingham and now I live in Florida. I know exactly what you’re talking about.
        I hardly ever wear short sleeves. It’s mostly long sleeves rolled up.

  • Jose

    I really like this combo, it looks so current and cool. Great work Andrew. Greetings from Nicaragua.

  • Matt Septer

    This outfit is $$$

  • Alex

    I really like this shirt, but I see that it only comes in a regular fit instead of slim. Do you still think it will fit well?

  • xDCx

    Like the shirt, like the hoodie. Not a fan of that color brown on the shorts, but sometimes clothes look different in person. I think a watch with a blue/brown/grey leather strap would look better. Those shoes are super boring. EVERY GUY WEARS THOSE (I have a pair, hardly wear them now, though). Be different.