The Getup: Late-Spring Date

The Getup: Late-Spring Date
It’s not quite summer, and still a bit chilly in the evening. Pair some layers in lighter, spring colors.

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  • Randy


  • Mike Wheat

    its really too bad most of these getups just don’t apply to me living in florida. I really do love seeing them though.

  • Sean Henry

    Would it be possible to do a Getup for the already hot areas of the country? Business fancy or casual in extreme heat. I love these spring styles, but we’ve already hit 103 degrees in early May, so I would die if I wore the clothes listed here (Although I wish I could wear them).

    • long sleeve peeve

      Leave the sweater home, and roll up the sleeves?

    • Andrew

      Hey Sean,

      What kinds of business clothes do you opt for in that heat? Happy to put some things together.

      • Sean Henry


        Thanks for your response. It’s a bit of a challenge to find business appropriate clothes to fit this weather. In lieu of wearing short sleeved polos five days a week, I try to stick with breathable fabrics. I’m not much of a style guy (Which is why I visit your website everyday). It would be really cool to find clothes and accessories that are temperature cool, without looking like an Under Armor advertisement. Sorry, I know that isn’t much help.

        I just realized that I’m a bit of a hypocrite, as I just took off my polo after working all day. 🙂 Thanks for your help.

  • Zack Bell

    Love the getups, it is almost 90 here in GA though. I try and adapt to our temperature s. Any ideas?

    • Adam Kappel

      I hear ya, man. This weather in Atlanta has been brutal already this year.

  • Ken

    Nice outfits, but as the others have said, its pretty warm in a lot of the South. We are getting 70 to 75 during the day ( 60 or so at night) here in the mountains of Virginia. I guess lighter colors and no sweater for daytime, layer with the sweater at night ( if needed )

  • Eddie

    Is the color of the pants sage?

  • Lou

    As a journalist in NYC, would love to see a journalist-minded getup in the future.

    • Bo

      His getups are a bit more Nordic-inspired, but as a fellow journalist, I think it’s pretty cool to get some inspiration from Daniel Craig’s journalist character in ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’! Lots of waistcoats, cardigans and chambray shirts. But I would think for starters, a good, sharp pair of wingtip boots would serve for walking to and covering events/breaking news, etc., while also looking dressier when paired with dark denim or trim chinos in neutral colors. And a nice selection of OCBD’s and small gingham shirts, maybe a solid knit tie and navy blazer (for dressier functions) could probably work well, too.

  • Campbell

    I work in a casual workplace and usually wear button up and cotton trousers, and the odd polo. I feel my saddle shoes are too dressed up but I can’t wear boat shoes all the time. An added horror is t hat the a/c in my old building routinely goes out and if I’m wearing wingtips it’s almost unbearable.I don’t want to be the ass in the perforated shoes. Anyone in hotter climates have any ideas? (I’m in humid Louisville, KY) I love the magazine and rely heavily on it; I’m a social worker on a budget, but I want to look nice

  • Toby

    Should the cardigan be unbuttoned? They seem a bit feminine.