The Getup: Labor Day Reunion

If you’re only going to see these people every few years, the least you can do is look your best.

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  • Troy Patterson

    $33 seems a bit high for a shirt from Target that you can’t even try on in stores. The JCF gingham shirts are $33.50 this weekend, so I think that would make a better choice at that price.

    • Marc

      Target does have fitting rooms (at least every one I’ve ever been in). However, I agree that $33 is an absurd price-point for them. I like their quality for their (old?) price of ~$20. Guess it’s just clearance t-shirts and henleys from Target now on.

      • Troy Patterson

        This shirt linked here though is online only. That’s why I mentioned you couldn’t try it on first.

        • Marc

          Gotcha. I didn’t go so far as clicking the links on any items. Again agreeing with you, $33 for a shirt is a sale Calibrate, 1901, Bonobos, CT, or JCF shirt, not a Target one.

        • Ray

          Wad just in Target and they had this shirt for $24.99.

    • tshafer17

      There is a green gingham shirt at Old Navy as well for $15.

      • Troy Patterson

        This would probably be my choice. Their S in slim fits me and the arm length is OK. Most are much to short in the arms.

  • Jason Wood

    Would be great to hangout outside in stuff like this for Labor Day, but…it’s still 100+ in Arizona. I’ll be opting for grey shorts instead.

  • jbird669

    Ladder golf is awesome!

    • Capernicus

      What is ladder golf?

  • Maleemporium2014

    Going for the ladder golf set. Hope I don’t break any windows this weekend.

  • Jim Avila

    Should the belt be lighter? Or suede?

    Picked up a similar shirt at JCrew factory today for like $38.00 seems like a good deal since it’s normally like $69.00.

  • RLM

    Actually, it sort of looks like a Don Draper outfit…