The Getup: Go Anywhere, Do Anything

The Getup: Go Anywhere, Do Anything
Considered by Reddit’s Male Fashion Advice community to be “Uniform 3.0” a blue oxford and olive chinos are a safe, and sharp, look no matter where you’re heading. A simple shoe change can completely change the dressiness of the outfit.

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  • Santiago

    FYI it says OLD NAVY but the chino “shirts” are from Mossimo

  • Chris Moore

    I’ve always shied away from green pants but this article may have changed my mind. I really like this look.

  • Travis

    Glad to hear I’m ahead of the curve. I paired blue gingham with olive pants and Clarks desert boots all last fall as my go to uniform.

  • bryclops

    I tried the straight fit version of those Lands’ End chinos a while back and had to send them back because the rise was too low for my liking (for reference, Banana Republic Emerson chinos have my ideal rise). If you’re not into the low-slung chinos look, I’d look elsewhere.

    Great looks, though.

  • Jayyy

    Is the shirt supposed to be tucked in?

    • Slane

      It’s up to you! You can go a lot of different directions with this outfit which is what makes it so great.

  • Scott

    My sister was given the Clarks boot as a promo item and she gave it to me since it fit. I had just purchased the Target version for $20 on clearance and was happy to take a nice name brand. Unfortunately, I switched back to the Target boot after two wearings. It was much more comfortable. The soft rubber sole offered no shock absorption whatsoever and the toe box was pretty narrow.

    • JoshD

      I thought the same thing at first but I bought some nice Dr. Scholls custom fit soles to help with support. They also really break in with more wear. The target version will likely fall apart and just looks worse, whereas Clarks last forever. Got my Desert Boots at DSW. They have a variety of colors and materials available right now online at least.

    • Brian Six

      I’m trying to think of a different sole material that would offer more shock absorption than “soft rubber” and I just can’t. You wearing moonshoes?

  • AdamR

    Green/Olive pants are a lot more versatile than people realize.

  • AdamR

    What is the fit like on the Lands’ End stuff? For example, I usually wear a slim 30×30 chino at Gap but I wear a 29×30 at american eagle. Would it be the same as the Gap at Lands’ end or should I go 29 there as well?

    • Capernicus

      Get both and find out! Land’s End offers free return and free return shipping on all of its products, so there’s no harm to you or your wallet. And they’re on sale right now for $30 so there’s that.

      I just bought two pairs of these chinos a few weeks ago and they are an awesome slim fit. Just wish the pockets were bigger. I went with them over the Comer 608 (the one’s above) because of the concerns over the fact that you can “hear every step of the way.”

      I wish they had an olive green in these…

      • AdamR

        If I order both and send one back, there’s an 8.95 shipping fee (I live in Canada)

        • Capernicus

          Oh, well, outside of the US I suppose there is. The fit is pretty much spot on Gap though. I wear 32×32 in both Gap and Land’s End.

        • Mike S

          You can also return for free to Sears. I do that all the time–super easy.

  • Juan

    It’s a beautiful look, and certainly seems versatile. Does anyone know why the reddit MFA people chose olive green rather than gray though for this ‘uniform’? Trying to choose between the 2 colors for a pair of shorts myself.

  • Jose L.

    I really like this look. Its like you can do so many things and look very good. Another great look Andrew.

  • kwalker

    I really like the look options here. I will warn you on the ON shirt, they are not very careful with matching up the front button placket with the shirt pattern. I have this shirt and the pattern is a little off making the squares a little wider at the buttons (if that makes sense). I’ve seen is on several ON shirts and is more noticeable on larger patterns like this shirt. If you’re going for one, don’t buy online, go to the store and make sure that the shirt you pick up looks right.

  • Caesar Merlin

    I’ve been wearing my green pants a lot more since I read this post