The Getup: Easter At Her Folks’ Place

The Getup: Easter At Her Folks’ Place
Look your best, stay comfortable, make a good impression, that’s all there is to it.

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  • Tony Hermosillo

    Not going to lie, Hibiki is an amazing choice!

  • phil

    But the wine … not so much.

    • Andrew

      Have you had it?

      • Ryan

        Seem a bit faux pas to bring a $5 bottle of wine.

      • Jonah

        It’s surprisingly good. I’m with you, Andrew.

    • SS

      It’s delicious! I always take it to dinners/get togethers and it gets rave reviews. No one has to know it’s $5 😉

  • Chris Jones

    Boy what I would give to have weather cool enough to wear this.

    • Zachary Glotfelty


    • Tyler


  • Anon

    This is the second time this dockers jacket has been included in an outfit. Both times the links to JCP were a dead end , any idea where to get it at?

  • chuckdaly

    Way too casual for a meal on Easter Sunday. Just because you are a heathen, doesn’t mean you should dress like one.
    Why not use that day to pull off wearing a little more white than usual. No one stands out sporting white trousers on Easter sunday.

    • Butch_Zee

      Yeah, I’d probably, at the very least, recommend wearing a tie with this outfit. People usually get dressed up for Easter gatherings. I do like the outfit, I would just err on the side of dressier for this occasion.

      • Andrew

        Very interesting, must be a cultural or regional thing. Outside of church service our Easter gatherings were never more formal than this, unless we were eating at a restaurant. In any case, it serves as a solid base to modify to suit each individual’s needs.

        • Jim Alrutz

          Seconded. This would be perfect for any of our gatherings unless we were coming straight from church services (although depending on her family, I’d probably throw in a tie).

  • Rodney

    What color are the pants? Grey or more of a green?