The Getup: A Summer Night Away

The Getup: A Summer Night Away
Keeping your style interesting in the summer months can be difficult. The secret is mixing patterns and choosing colors from a lighter palette.

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  • Reply June 19, 2014


    Yet another great outfit!

    • Reply June 19, 2014


      I second that! Though it’s too hot for pants at this point.

      • Reply June 19, 2014


        Depends on where you are. 😉

  • Reply June 19, 2014


    Both shirts and the belt have limited options. Polo is sold out, striped shirt only comes in L. Do things really sell out that quickly?

    • Reply June 19, 2014


      Hey John,

      Try in store that’s where I got mine.

      • Reply July 5, 2014


        Acquired that pink striped perfection in store last week.

  • Reply June 19, 2014


    Hey Andrew, you really should check out the Billy Reid K Swiss collection. Great sneakers!

  • Reply June 19, 2014


    Is the shirt supposed to be tucked in? I can understand with the chinos, but what about the shorts?

  • Reply June 20, 2014


    Even if they are sold out you can still find the item under another brand. Might even find a cheaper option. That’s what I do.

  • Reply June 22, 2014


    Suggestion on socks for this with shorts? I always have trouble deciding when shoes are this low cut.

    • Reply June 23, 2014


      I would go sockless or with no-show socks, just to keep the look as clean as possible.

  • Reply June 22, 2014

    Just A Bloke

    Summer clothing guide: jogging bottoms or trackies with a tee, but only trackies with a tee when temp hits 20°C or above. 25°C or above is shorts with a tee, trainer socks if you’ve got ’em, if not roll your regs up. 30°C or above is shorts with a sleeveless tee.
    Head gear: 20°C or above, wear a cap or a bandana in sun, bandana preferable in windy weather.
    Footwear: a decent looking, comfortable pair of trainers. Try not to spend more than a bullseye.
    Sunglasses: Get a good looking pair that work, don’t pay over a score.
    Benefits: won’t cost the earth to wear, & unless you stand there with a £500 phone in your hand, it’ll lessen your likelihood of getting mugged.
    Availability: Pretty much in every sportswear shop on the planet.

  • Reply August 13, 2014


    Thrive facewash is the best!

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