The Getup: A Friend’s BBQ

The Getup: A Friend’s BBQ
Casual but put-together can be tough in the summer. With this combination you’ll look comfortable and sharp at your friend’s weekend feast.

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  • ZackWhiteIT

    Thanks for mentioning St. John’s Bay. Their polos are easily the best-fitting polos in their price range. Mine have lasted me years.

    • Butch_Zee

      Thanks for the tip.

  • Adam Kirkup

    There are some amazing British ciders. Unfortunately Strongbow isn’t one of them.

    I guess none of the smaller outfits are able to export to the USA. So you’d have to visit to try them.

    • rahuldsouza

      I feel the same way. Oliver’s Cider is my personal favourite.

    • George

      Agreed! Strongbow is a vile drink made for teenagers who want to get hammered at night in private parks.

    • TJ

      I like Crispin.

    • ArizonaSecrets

      Magner’s Pear, ftw.

      (Irish I know)

  • ShawnB

    How’s the sizing on those polos?

  • William Klauck

    Replace Strongbow with Bulmer’s.

  • Adam

    I call this look “getting mugged in a bad neighborhood”

  • Livestrongcmc

    I picked up several St Johns Bay polos recently on holiday sale for $7 apiece and they are wonderful. You can size down on them (I normally wear a Large and bought a Medium). Solid construction, great colors, great fitting, and super comfy.

  • Ben

    Leave the Redd’s on the shelf. If you want a cider, get a cider. If you want an ale, get an ale. No half-measures.

    Likewise the ginger Angry Orchard. If you want a ginger beer, get a… well, you see where I’m going with this. The other varieties of Angry Orchard are good though.

    I’m also a fan of some of the seasonal varieties of Woodchuck.

  • TJ

    Not a big cider drinker but if I do it’s usually in the fall and it’s Crispins. I particularly like Crispin. They make one that comes in a tall black can that I like, can’t remember the name of the variety though.

  • DG

    Just purchased exact polo and color at JCP.. Small fits a little large, but has a great fit and a quality feel