The Getup: A Day at Home with Mom

The Getup: A Day at Home with Mom
Even if the family isn’t going out somewhere for Mother’s Day, still give your mom your best, she deserves it.

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  • TJafe

    @andrewsnavely:disqus, How about a pic of the whole getup, or something similar on someone at the end of each of these? Just a thought. Easier to visualize it in real life. Either way, “The Getup” has changed my style choices on numerous occasions, so thanks!

    • sojo2600

      If you buy all of the items for him, I’m sure he would comply!

  • Scott Davis

    Another great get up. Only thing I’m not on board with is socks + boat shoes.

  • John

    Great Getup, but is sweater season over yet? It’s mid-May. Not sure I want to buy something that I’ll wear once and then store away until September.

    • Andrew

      It’s 56 degrees in New York right now, some folks haven’t hit summer yet. 🙂

      • John

        I’m in Boston, I know what you mean! I’m tired of this weather. Maybe I just don’t want to be reminded of the cold :-).

      • TJ

        Wow, it’s 81 at 10 at night here in Tampa.

  • Johdus

    I often like most pairings on the Get Up.
    But socks and boat shoes? (shudder)

    • Andrew

      Obviously not if you’re wearing shorts, but absolutely ok (if you’re not against it already). They become more aligned with loafers in that way.

      • bryclops

        I think boat shoes are too aspirational a style to be dressed up as loafers. They’re meant to convey the image of a “boat person;” socks directly contradict this message by conveying that you’re just wearing them because they’re leather slip-ons. It would be like taking a Rolex Explorer II, which says you’re an “adventure person,” and putting it on a thin lizard skin strap to “dress it up.” It doesn’t work because it defeats the message of the piece. It’s easier to dress down a simple dress watch on a NATO or to wear loafers sockless with shorts than it is to dress up a utilitarian item with a specific purpose, IMO.

        But I’m just trying to justify why I don’t like the look. Maybe it’s just a taste thing.

  • Sahal

    Nice outfit, I love the way the sweater looks. Hey Andrew, can you make a getup to wear on a girlfriend’s or wife’s birthday?

  • TJ

    I like the look of that watch. It would be a nice casual alternative to my timex weekender.