My Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany: Archer Room Sprays

Living places always have a smell to them, from well – living in them. What your furniture is made out of, carpet or hardwood, how long you leave dishes and laundry laying around all factor in to how your home smells. If you’re lucky it’s pretty neutral. But why be so passive about it?

Take control of how your pad smells with Archer Room Sprays. Billing them as ‘room sprays’ versus air fresheners is an important distinction: They’re not for covering up lingering bathroom smells or an overflowing garbage can. (Look, it’s your turn to take it out, okay?) Rather, room sprays are more of a room cologne  – a subtle scent meant to set the mood for your olfactory senses and not so much a cover-upper.

With three different scents, Hunting Lodge (my favorite), European Sports Car, and Distillery, and hints of cedar, charred oak, leather, and sour mash, Archer room sprays offer a way to keep your pad smelling fresh without using pungent plug-ins or fresheners. After a healthy room spraying, the subtle scents were still noticeable well into the next day.

Available at

Archer, $14

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  • Bryan

    These are gimmicky, and there’s nothing subtle about what’s in air fresheners: all chemicals and fragrances. I’ve never hugged a tree before, but there are natural products that do a better job, and won’t kill a parrot (seriously: Google “parrots die from”).

    • Pat

      “a broken heart”

  • Corwin

    “charred oak, sour mash and enough bourbon to kill an elephant. warm and inviting, but what isn’t at 80 proof?”

    Can… not… resist…

  • Midlander

    This is going on the essentials list.

  • Corin

    To Bryan’s point, I would be curious to find out the ingredients, which I couldn’t from the website. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t…

  • Will

    Good lord. I’m all for awesome stuff like this, but fourteen bucks for a single, little can of stylized air freshener? That’s just…exorbitant. -_-

  • Jarred Sawyer

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. Nice.