Look for Less: Clive Owen on the Cover of GQ, October 2014

Style doesn't have to be expensive.

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  • CryptoReporter

    His fingers look photoshopped 🙂

    • kawalker

      Little know fact, Owen got his start as a hand model.

  • jbird669

    This is a great feature. Thank you!

  • drone

    hi, grat work. Is the shirt from Nicole Miller “modern fit” a slim fit?

  • Matt

    Good one!

  • Michael

    Great post! I think you definitely nailed the look for less. Is this going to be a new series on Primer?

  • bryclops

    And we shall call this look, “You’re my boy, blue!”

    Love this one, guys. Great feature.

  • Mediapig71

    Seeing as the Kenneth Cole suit is all synthetic, may I suggest this for a wool option?


    I wore this to a wedding, and got quite a few compliments… the blue has a really nice sheen.

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  • http://StephenPerkins.me/ Stephen Perkins

    They say you should match the width of the tie with the width of the lapels but this clearly shows that you can get away with inconsistent widths. Awesome look!

  • Mike

    No offense, I know this is supposed to be an inexpensive get-up. But it seems like the alternatives are cheap, low quality stuff

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