Fall Getup Week: Fall Day Date

This look is all about combining textures. From the herringbone sportcoat, smooth sweatshirt, thick oxford, corduroy pants, to the broguing on the wingtips, this style exemplifies the sharp style you can achieve by mixing things up.

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  • Marc

    I really don’t like the look of the hoodie under a sportcoat. I’m sure I “just don’t get it”, but I think the look seems like it’s “trying too hard”. Either dress the outfit up (sportcoat) or down (hoodie); if you need extra warmth with a sportcoat, wear a casual crewneck or v-neck sweater. I look forward to hearing any feedback or insight into this specific combination.

    • Michael

      I know what you mean but I’ve seen people pull it off just fine. I think in order to wear the the hoodie under the sportcoat, you would have to change up the shoes to some something casual like Jack Purcell’s or Chucks.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      That’s totally ok. For me, the concept of “Trying too hard” is a personal one. Some don’t like the hoodie with a sportcoat, for others its white pants like yesterday’s Getup, or the puffy vest from the day before that is less utilitarian than a regular jacket. I personally have never worn a bow tie other than with a tuxedo, but I encourage others to if that fits their style.

      My hope with the Getups is they act to inspire you to expand your personal style either by wearing as it as is or tweaking it to match your tastes, offer affordable options, and give you a map for those mornings you’re in your closet with a blank stare on your face.

    • Travis

      I think another good alternative to the hoodie might be a technical/smart vest like something from NorthFace, Patagonia, etc.

  • Mike

    Agreed with Marc – I thought the hoodie was an alternative to the jacket at first, and I can’t really get on board with rocking both at the same time. I’m also a little leery of corduroy pants with a tweed-looking jacket – I think I’d prefer jeans or pants with less texture with that jacket. Aside from those points, I like the overall color scheme and it feels very “fall”.

    Really enjoying the daily get-up posts this week!

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Jeans or chinos would be an excellent choice here as well, though both would alter the look in their own way. I personally love mixing patterns and textures, and believe it or not, corduroy pants are actually a classic choice for a tweed jacket, dating back to wearing these items for sporting.

  • Cody

    Sometimes it would be extremely helpful to see the getup on somebody at the end, maybe its just my lack of visualization skills. I know that would require you actually getting your hands on these items, but I don’t know, maybe donate them or something after you used them or give them away to a user through an online drawing. Because, like some others are saying i’d really like to see someone pulling off a sportcoat over a hoodie.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Hey Cody,

      I’d love to do that more. I’ve done it a little bit with Live Action Getups and the Look for Less series, however it would really inhibit what I could feature (part of the goal of the Getups is to be able to offer affordable options, sometimes meaning they’re on sale, or clearance, changing by the day), and would reduce how often I could offer them. And if I was limited to my own closet, things would start looking the same very quickly. 🙂

  • Justin

    Please, never buy those exact boots. They will fall apart before you get through the winter. Save you money, buy good boots like Red Wings, Chippewa ect. Yes, they will set you back $250-300, but they will last you a lifetime.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Thanks for the heads up! I try to mix up the prices of the items, since everyone has different needs/budgets, and especially for shoes, for folks who aren’t interested in investing in a lifetime version.

    • bryclops

      I have the Evander II, a predecessor to these boots from Steve Madden. I’ve worn them through a couple winters already (including significant time walking through snow and slush), with minimal maintenance, and they’re still going strong. For those who prefer to keep their options flexible over time instead of locking themselves into a $300 pair of boots that may or may not remain in style, I’d say they’re likely to be a good choice.

  • anónimo

    I assume this probably takes a lot of your time, but I, a guy with little to no fashion sense, appreciate it. The only suggestion I could possibly give would be to do a regional Getup. It’s WAY too hot here in Texas to do corduroy’s, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, AND a jacket. The Fall Transition Getup was great as it gave options for shorts and pants…

    With that said, this gives me some great ideas for the “winter” that we get here! Thanks Andrew!

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      So glad you like them! They do take a bit of work, but I really enjoy it. 🙂 Doing regional is a good idea, I’ll try to throw in more options. Until then you can try more spring styles: http://www.primermagazine.com/tag/spring-style

      • anónimo


  • James Grant Repshire

    Also don’t dig the hoodie under the jacket – unless you are about to rob a store and don’t want your face seen, but it’s a nice store, so you show respect by wearing the sportcoat.

    I agree with Travis below though, a thin quilted vest can look good, as it makes a sort of casual waistcoat that tones down the formality, and in my mind also nods to the origins of tweed and cords as hunting clothes.

    That said, am loving this series – being a huge fan of fall clothing – thanks for running it.

  • TJ

    I’ve got boots similar to those from JCP that I got like 2 years ago when they were actually selling decent looking stuff (the Ron Johnson and Nick Wooster administration). They’ve held up decently despite not being great quality. I live in the south though (first Alabama, now Florida) so they don’t get nearly as beat up as they would up north.

  • Jim

    Hey Andrew, I’m 16 and I dress like the typical highschooler; that is to say, not very well. I’ve recently started to build my wardrobe but I need a bit of help. In your opinion what items and how many of those items should man have in his wardrobe? For example how many button up shitrs should I own?

  • JW

    Old Navy has a t-shirt hoodie similar to the one shown for around 12 bucks. Same contrast zipper and Heather pattern. I bought one last year and wear it all the time. Great for layering and looks put together enough to wear by itself with a casual look. Fit is on point too, though it may run a bit long on shorter guys.