The Getup: The Idea Phase

The Getup: The Idea Phase
Whether brainstorming with your 3 buds on a side gig or meeting a freelancer for coffee, buckle down it’s time to work.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • AJBoilanger

    Don’t cause saggy old what?! I must know! In all seriousness though, this looks good. I like the flannel shirt the most. How do you think it would look with some desert boots?

    • Andrew

      Desert boots would look great!

  • Alex Robbins

    Just as a heads up, the Frank & Oak selvedge was pretty much painted on me. Nice material and moves well, but anyone not resembling a flamingo might want to think twice – or at least double-check their size. Not that there’s anything wrong with flamingos.

  • John

    Got a similar green shirt? That one is sold out.

  • jean

    Thanks Andrew. The henley, over or under?

    • Andrew

      Under on this one. Thank you!

  • ChrisReetz

    Andrew, as always, a homerun. I genuinely enjoy your selections, especially the variety – many times brands I’ve never heard of. I do wonder about fit and quality though. You’re credibility has been established. I would love to hear in-person reviews from you on your Get-Up picks.

  • Kyle Boureston

    Love the Brixton shirt. Damn gotta get some new underwear – definitely don’t want saggy old man butt…

  • Casey

    It bothers me that the people at Frank & Oak seem to think that waist size and inseam directly correlate to one another. There are tall, thin people out there, guys.

  • Brett Rhodes

    Mixed reviews with Frank & Oak. Ordered a shirt and I could’ve made it myself by the time it arrived almost 3 weeks later, only to be too small. Re-ordered XL, but my order sat there for literally over a week before it even shipped out. Good designs, but better plan to wear the item down the line.

    • Eric

      My experience with F&O was the same but took even longer. I want to say it took 2 weeks until fulfillment. And that was with me contacting customer service.

      • Eric

        2 months*

  • ThomasRankin

    Frank & Oak does great stuff but it runs THIN. Order up if you have some meat on you.

    Also, re shipping delays from F&O, I may be wrong, but they likely still deliver to US addresses by shipping out of Canada.

  • Donivyn

    Is there a good alternative for those shoes!?!??!?!