The Getup: Summer Art Festival Date

The Getup: Summer Art Festival Date
A perfect weekend date, the art festival allows for a lot of great interaction and sharing of tastes.

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  • Karo

    Should the shirt be worn with an under shirt?

    • ziggy

      nah, son. if absolutely necessary (ie, you sweat a lot) go with a low cut tank top/”wife beater,” as it’s affectionately caled.

      • Stannis the Mannis

        think popped Abercrombie polo, gel spiked hair and pukka shell necklace, bro.

  • Drew

    I like the idea of a bracelet, but wonder if it looks a little ‘bro’-ish? Great Getup otherwise; love the chambray/red short combo.

    • Just A Bloke

      What do you mean by ‘bro’-ish?

  • Baseman

    Random question but whats the standard protocol you guys use for applying cologne?

    • Kevofresco

      Dude I think I’ve read it somewhere that, you must only apply it on wrist, and rub em together and some in the back of your ears. What I do is I pump some shot inside my chest area and back too so It covers all basis. But never directly to your shirt.

    • Steve

      I like to spray it in the air in front of me, shirt off and walk through the mist. It doesn’t apply too strong and when your body warms the cologne on your bare skin it emits the scent better than if sprayed only on a shirt.

  • ronnyG

    LOVE these colors love these shoes with this outfit!