Look for Less: David Beckham in New York

Look for Less: David Beckham in New York
A designer look at shopping mall prices.

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  • John

    Yikes, those pants are tight! Which isn’t a problem if they have some spandex in them (as I’m sure Mr. Beckham’s do). The Old Navy pants don’t, so I’d recommend washing them, putting them on damp, doing a few squats and knee bends, then letting them line dry.
    And the scarf and shawl collar seem a bit redundant, but it’s a great cold weather, masculine look, despite all that. Search Amazon for grey twill 5 pockets and you’ll find straight fits and the Rothco Ultraforce M65 in khaki that costs about the same, but has a removable quilted liner for really cold days.

  • Corwin

    … but how do I get that douchey, undeserved air of superiority?

    • John

      LOL! Maybe wear super-tight pants and a scarf with a shawl collar?

    • Michael

      Probably by becoming one of the best soccer players of all time.

      • Corwin

        I suppose that’s just not a skill I hold in high esteem…

    • elemon

      Undeserved? Only one of the greatest english players and leaders in history.

    • KG

      Undeserved? Where not talking about a Kardashian, Beckham was arguably one of the best soccer players in the world at one time.

    • davis

      It’s OK if you don’t like Beckham or the game of soccer, but it is plain ignorant to say his air of superiority is “undeserved”.

  • Austin

    Five bucks for those shades? Ordered!

  • Amerikanern

    I love that first Amazon review of that Suavecito pomade…

  • Paden Clayton

    Whats the best way to pair twill pants with outfits, any worries about right seasons to wear them in?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      They’re a nice cross between chinos and jeans so they work year round.

      • Paden Clayton

        Thanks! I love these getups and it makes it easier for me to determine what to wear and how to match things based on your recommendations, keep it up!

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