Live Action Getup: A Solid Base – Worn 3 Ways

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  • Max

    Daniel Craig, in that cardigan. Great looks!

  • LongArms

    How is the arm length? I’m 6″2, 180 with 34/35 arm length. Unless you buy $100 worth to get free shipping, to try on for fit, shipping both ways can add up fast.

    I had never heard of this company until you brought them up. Thanks! Searching for a good OCBD in the $30-$40 range.

    • tomservo

      Good question! Online only retailers without sizing charts make me CRAZY!

    • Andrew

      Hey LongArms,

      I’m 5’10” 178 with 32/33 arm length. The mediums fit me great. I agree, the shipping policy kinda blows if it doesn’t fit.

  • ChrisReetz

    That sportscoat is fantastic!

  • Mike


    Just a heads up – next to the link, it says ‘Gray ODBD’ instead of ‘OCBD’

    All 3 outfits look good, but I especially like the shawl collar cardigan, and the colors in that outfit work really well together. Can’t say I’m crazy about the baseball cap in look 1, but to each their own.

    Keep doing these ‘worn multiple ways’ Getups, I’m definitely a fan.

    • Andrew

      Oh you don’t know about OBDBs??? Aw crap..thank you!

  • Miguel

    In what units are the size chart at 20jeans?

  • TJ

    Can’t go wrong with an OCBD for just about any casual look.

  • Aaron

    Nice Andrew! Like the last getup photo especially. What is the rule on slim or skinny ties? I’ve been seeing slim ties a lot in stores recently – having wide shoulders I thought I always looked rather silly in them. Perspectives on how best to wear them: situations, type of jacket, etc.?

    • tomservo

      Typically you want to match your lapels but body type plays in too. I have wide shoulders as well and a big chest. (hey now) I’ve found the sweet spot for ties is about 3 inches. any less than 2.5 and it starts to get silly in my opinion. Also slimmer tie is less formal.

    • Andrew

      Tomservo has it right, here’s a piece with some good tidbits in it:

  • Brett Rhodes

    Anyone locate the gray herringbone sport coat? Hitting the link redirects me to Lands End only to see they don’t carry it any longer. Alternatives?

  • Holiday Kirk

    Lookin’ like Scott Storch in 3.

  • Jake

    That last outfit is just great. I really want that sportcoat!

  • xincontrii