Your Next Scent: Terre d’Hermès

terra d'hermes

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  • Reply December 17, 2013


    You gotta put the accent the other way around!

    • Reply December 17, 2013


      Can we chalk it up to bad eye sight and a small screen?

  • Reply December 17, 2013

    A guest

    It’s Hermès, Andrew!

    • Reply December 17, 2013


      Thanks, I thought I was fancy because I thought I knew the OSX shortcut, but it was the wrong one!

  • Reply December 17, 2013

    Aaron Roberts

    Last month there was a post (Getup of Harvest and Thanks) that listed a solid cologne as part of the overall ensemble and it got me wondering how it differs from a traditional spray cologne such as this one. I’ve always used spray in the past but am very intrigued by the solid–seems like the scent would last longer–and would love to get some feedback. Thanks.

  • Reply December 17, 2013


    I’m no aficionado… but I’ve tried my fair share of cologne and been around the basenotes forums. This is really a great manly scent. Smells good, natural, manly without being too metrosexual or “cologney”. No one will confuse you for an abercrombie model or a cologne guy (unless you bathe in it). 2 sprays is enough to last all day. Definitely something any older guy can wear. Highly recommend this one.

  • Reply December 17, 2013

    Dojo Dan

    I’ll try to find a sample of this but I’m a long-time fan of BR’s Black Walnut. Curious to hear what you all say about that one.

  • Reply December 17, 2013


    FYI: If you want to try it out but can’t find it in a store (or magazine), they have a small sample bottle of it for $2.50 at

    • Reply December 17, 2013


      My friend, you read my mind…

    • Reply March 17, 2014


      Closest thing I could find on the site was the .17 oz and gel for $13.75 with coupon. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Reply December 17, 2013


    I’ve been wearing this off and on for a few years – woodsy and mellow, a nice sandalwood/cedar smell that lasts for a long time without being obnoxious. I reach for Moonshine more often for regular wear but I like this one if I’m heading out after work.

  • Reply December 24, 2013


    Wore this to a party last night and ended up making out with a random chick. This stuff is potent o_o.

  • Reply January 15, 2014


    I am a big fan of Tom Ford and his fragrances (Extreme, Man, Black Orchid). One for every occasion. I was not as blown away by Hermes as I was by Tom Ford. What do you think?

  • Reply August 22, 2014


    came out in 2006. 2014 – 2006 = 8 years old.

    the top note of this is VERY harsh however it quickly dissipates and the dry down is a real earthy / orange smell.

    Its good… but not Aventus good

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