The Getup: Up and Autumn

The Getup: Up and Autumn
Whether on a date, an alumni networking event, or just a weekday in the cubicle, you’ll be the best dressed gent there, with these colors and textures inspired by classic sport wear from the field.

Getup Autumn

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • holdenh

    Yike I would look 40 if I wore this. Thanks for doing these though Andrew, they are the main reason I keep coming back to the site

    • ChrisReetz

      Great to hear differing opinions. I was completely drawn to this outfit, especially the cardigan (actually just picked 2 up from H&M this weekend), but can see how it gives off a New England professor / old man look. Guess I’m showing my age?

      • M-Life

        Yeah man, I was drawn to this too and I’m still in my 29.

    • jean

      Some 40yo read this you know?

    • Chris Jones

      Some of us prefer to dress like adults 🙂

    • Ryan Donnell

      Women like it, they like a guy who can carry an outfit with confidence.

  • Ryan

    Love the cardigan, but macy’s stuff can be baggy. Did you have a chance to try this one on?

    • Jace

      It’s also $72, but 40% off right now.

    • Andrew

      In the mail! 🙂

  • Matt

    Hmm all looks awesome minus the cardigan for me. don’t think i could pull that one off. Also Texas “Fall” is still a bit hot for layers.

  • DanPatrickFlores

    I really like this outfit, and is that a Simpsons reference I detect?

    • Andrew

      haha! it is.

  • Dave

    I’m liking it but I think the tie might add a few years. Maybe ditch the tie and leave a couple buttons open. Also trade the loafers for some bucks? That should take about 10 years off the outfit, no?

    • ForeverGuest

      I agree in the shoes. Not sure I’d skip the tie, but I wear ties four days a week at least. Another subtle thing to make this a little more youthful would be to, depending on face shape, opt for a more rounded pair of frames. A rounder shape is a bit more style forward than the rectangular ones shown here. Nothing extreme, just a softer edge.

      That sweater is money. I’m all about shawl collar cardigans. Toggles are a total bonus. As a 30 year old college instructor, I’d wear this any day this fall. Well put together.

  • Luke

    This look is right up my alley and man those loafers are nice! They are nice looking without looking to dressy, been looking for a happy medium and those ones might be it. Thanks for doing this Andrew, great look!!

    • Luke

      Also I’m 29. lol

  • Bo

    Great look overall, but are the loafers appropriate for fall if it’s a bit crisp? Just a personal thought, as I’m opposed to the notion of wearing socks with loafers (I think it can definitely be done, I’m just not a fan). Maybe some suede wingtips or brogues in place of that? I do think the textures are all on point however, and that shade of green in the pants is fantastic.

    • Andrew

      Depends on your weather, your alternatives would look great as well!

  • Brian Boehler

    Ummmmm the Macy’s Website says the cardigan is not available…… I guess that is a no go then. Also says it is not at any of the Macy’s in my area.

    • Andrew

      It is still showing in stock for me.

      • Brian Boehler

        Now it’s working! It was showing it was in stock, but then say it was not available to add to my cart. Strange… but it is fixed now! Another great find Andrew!!!

  • Candace

    Love it!

  • Zac

    I would swap the loafers for some chukkas

  • Michael

    Love the style updates, please keep them coming.

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  • Hagareno

    ARGG. I finally saved up to get this look and the cardigan is gone, and one similar in style is no where to be found. I’ve scoured all the major brands. I’m spending way too much time trying to find one.