The Getup: The Week Before Christmas

The Getup: The Week Before Christmas
The end of December is a crazy time for everyone. Whether you’re driving 4 hours to your parents’ house, navigating the crowds to finish your gift shopping, or you’re just the guy stuck working over vacation, the key is casual comfort.

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  • thinker_random

    Great sweater! May just have to pick up one or two since that’s a great price.

    • Aaron Roberts

      Be sure to use promo code GREAT at check out for an extra 20% off on the sweater or other purchases. Sweater came out to $22.39 pre-tax and shipping for me.

      • AJBoilanger

        Just pulled the trigger on that sweater, thanks for the code! Total was just under $35.00 with shipping/taxes.

  • tan_man007

    Anyone know where to find similar chinos but at a physical store location? I want to get them in time for the holidays, any help is appreciated!

    • David Bjerke

      Nordstrom carries some Bonobos items, so you can check them out.

      Otherwise there’s these from GAP:

    • andy

      Banana Republic has them. I own a pair.

    • Jano

      I highly recommend the chinos from BR. Great fit, comfortable, and durable. I personally like the Emerson’s. They offer a few different fits.

  • David Bjerke

    Those boots… that price. I have a pair of the Thorogood American Heritage 6” Moc Toes and Red Wing Iron Rangers, so I’m pretty set on boots, but I’m still considering those.

    Also doesn’t hurt to support my home state of Wisconsin.

    • Drew

      Beer and boots, that’s what Wisconsin does.

  • andy

    With brown pants a black belt and boots would make a lot more sense…

    • Andrew

      Feel free to swap whatever you’d like!

  • Ron Macoon

    that’s funny, i was just looking at that wallet last weekend in store. i didn’t figure i needed another wallet, but maybe there are advatanges to that style?

    • Leroy Dankins

      I have an identical wallet from RVCA, it’s pretty convenient once you get used to it, and flatter than most other options.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    I notice you post several products from Frank and Oak. I’ve been subscribed to their email list since their inception, but have never pulled the trigger on anything. How do their shirts compare to Banana Republic or J. Crew in terms of fit and quality?

    • ALan

      F&O Quality: 7/10 Fit: Slim cut, shirts are cut shorter as well as the pants. Trim fit overall. I like them just wish they were cut a little longer, but Im taller than most at 6’0

      • Chris

        I am 5’11 and I run into the same issue with their shirts. Even their dress shirts are too short and tend to come untucked easily. The fit is great otherwise.

  • Bigoa Machar

    I basically own this entire outfit already, except I have chinos that are a lighter shade of brown. Do you guys think that’ll still work?

    • Andrew

      As long as they match the gray sweater. As grays an browns get lighter they’ll stop matching. Eg(light tan khakis and a gray tshirt)

  • AJBoilanger

    The sweater arrived yesterday. A little long, and the color is slightly darker in person but otherwise I really like it. Have gotten several compliments on it already.

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  • JPatterson

    I absolutely love all of the get-ups. I have noticed that most feature brown tones, and I’m not one to wear brown with black. Do you have some recommendations for casual and dressy black shoes? I’d love to see a get-up that utilizes a pair of black kicks.

    • Andrew

      Hey JPatterson, good observation! It’s honestly because between 2 identical shoes, but one black and one brown, I find the brown always looks better. Black shoes obviously have a place, so I’ll work on coming up with a good one.

  • drewbob

    What is with the frankandoak site? Do you actually have to login in order to see their product pages? Is there an alternative company?

  • Simiansez

    Great composite advertisement disguised as a news item!
    And just in time for the holidays!

  • Simiansez

    Great composite advertisement disguised as a news item!
    And just in time for the holidays!