The Getup: The Season of Harvest & Thanks

The Getup: The Season of Harvest & Thanks
No matter your plans for the end of November, whether you’re traveling or staying home, look sharp and carry smart.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Tom

    You son of a B*! Every time I think, “There isn’t anything else I need, I’ve got all the clothes I could want.” ….you go and post things like this sweater. I’m starting to think you cost me more money than a girlfriend.

    • Andrew

      haha! Sorry…

  • popgoestheweasel

    you can get similar boots from american eagle for much cheaper

    • Andrew

      Great, thanks!

    • Shawn

      I’ve heard some bad things about the quality of AEO boots

  • popgoestheweasel
    • Tom

      How do those boots feel/last?

  • Sean

    Why must EVERY raw denim manufacturer hate the long legged?!

  • H. Sandoval

    @ popgoestheweasel awesome thank you! They look great!

  • Steve

    Is the flannel under or over the sweater?? Personal preference?

    • Andrew

      I’d say under, I suspect the shirt would be too tight to wear over the sweater.

  • Daniel

    What type of Levi’s would match up with those jeans, I don’t have the time or patience to deal with raw denim…not to mention funds.

    • rychastings

      probably just 514’s would be the closest

    • WideEyesTWBlog

      I just got a new pair of 513s in a raw/dark rinse, I think they look as close to selvedge (style-wise) as you can get, especially for about $35 from Nordstrom Rack. The 513 is straight through the knee, and just slightly slimmer at the ankle…nowhere near as skinny as 511 but a bit trimmer than 514. I highly recommend trying Levis on in person before buying though, I’ve had two of the same cut of pants in the same marked size fit me entirely differently.

  • dmrichmon

    Just a head’s up: I bought the Timex mentioned above last week for $60 via WalMart. Great watch!

  • Aaron

    On the gap model, the sweater looks super baggy. Do you know how baggy it is in real life, or is it more form fitting?

    • Andrew

      In store it seemed ok.

      • Aaron

        Awesome, thanks! Side question – do you generally check out the clothes you post in person?

        • Andrew

          Good question. As much as I can. Some times that’s not as much as I’d like because they’re online only or not available locally. I frequently “go shopping” for ideas and get to see things then. The idea is I take time to hunt things down so you don’t have to. But as always, something that seems good to me may not fit you at all or be up to your standard of quality.

    • WideEyesTWBlog

      Ugh, all of the Gap models wear one size too big, it drives me crazy but probably saves my wallet big-time, as I never end up buying anything after I see the picture…

  • John B.

    35% on GAP site with promo code GAP24HR, today only. Saved $15!

    • Tom

      I did too, BUT it looks like today through the 23rd it is 40% off, or 50% off if you have a GAP card. I don’t know if the discounts apply to this sweater. You can’t miss the codes on the home page.

  • Gary

    any similar watches that are a little bit more reasonable?

    • Adam Brewton

      I have the Timex Weekender, black dial with a tan leather band. Got it for $15 on a Woot .com sale, but you can find them on eBay for about $35. Fit’s great on my biggish wrist and it’s only slightly more casual. They have a slip through band style too that allows you to swap the strap out, but I like the standard strap one better.

  • Troy

    These exact boots are $69 right now at , they also have them in navy suede.

  • Doug

    An AWOL bag? i bet you drink cranberry juice too…

    • Andrew

      I don’t know what that means.

      • Chris Jones

        I think he’s calling you a girl.

    • Adam Brewton

      I drink cranberry juice every day! We get it at Target for $ a jug. Good for the urinary tract. I’m with Andrew though, I don’t follow. Unless you’re making some “The Departed”-esque remark about DiCaprio drinking cranberry juice at the bar and being asked if he was on his period…

      • Chris Jones

        I think that’s exactly what he was referring to…

  • Teddy

    The color on that flannel is outstanding, but the fit is just terrible

  • Nick

    Tucked flannel or untucked. That is the question.

    • Ken

      I would say tuck in the flannel, and the sweater would be on top, untucked.

  • Russ

    Does anyone figure in the cost of tailoring when buying a shirt? I’m just wondering since buying online can be such a crap shoot when it comes to fit.

  • Sean

    Love these getups. Since im new here, are the boots under or over the jeans?

    • Leroy Dankins

      Under the jeans, I think most here would agree.

    • Anthony Gordon

      I agree with Leroy, definitely under the jeans.

  • Matt W

    Has anyone tried that cologne? It looks pretty amazing to me

  • TimothyR

    Help a brother out with some big and tall editions of these.

  • GuyNArkansas

    only 32″ in length on the jeans? what about us long legged guys

  • Billy

    How about a holiday party getup? Formal/casual/etc.

  • Jack.

    Great Stuff as always ! Patiently waiting for Winter and holidays getups..

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