The Getup: The First BBQ

The Getup: The First BBQ
Look your best while enjoying the first weekend of grilling this spring.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • allan

    How would this look if the belt had the same color as the boatshoes?

    • Andrew

      It would look great, a tad more rugged and casual.

  • Sam

    Would you tuck in or leave the shirt untucked?

    • Serge


  • Mando

    Would like to see a getup for us blue collar workers workwear trying to look presentable for when the boss is around . So we can get that office job promotion HA

    • Mando

      Also with warm and cold weather options would be awesome !

  • Luke

    I’ve been looking for a red chambray shirt, that one is actually pretty nice. I’m usually on the fence with AE stuff but they did this one right. Great find and great look!

  • Ryan N

    Great RW&B representation here. Nice, Andrew!

  • Justin
    • Justin

      Replying to my own comment – they’re a little different, sorry. I still love them though, a definite must-own.

  • H1GHER

    This is awesome. But, um, “Spring” though?

    • Andrew

      Not sure I understand.

      • H1GHER

        Where I live it’s already Summer time hot, so when I read “Spring”, in my mind I was like “too late”–but I ended up typing that part of my internal conversation. My bad, homie! haha

  • James

    Get em while they are hot. Target Chino Club Shorts. Picked up the light blue, pinstripe and the dot pattern. Usually wear a 32 but they fit to tight. Sized up to 33 and they are spot on. Dot pattern is small enough to not look like a yachter ever where you go.

  • Aaron

    Hey Andrew, love the site and quality of posts. Will Primer have a Father’s Day post for gift ideas?
    Thank you!

  • Andy

    I can’t find the sunglasses online and my local Costco did not have any. Suggestions?

    • bob

      i saw a pair on ebay the other day. i’m gunna check my local store.

  • Maddendude

    I wouldn’t wear a watch while BBQing, your hands get pretty close to the heat, and you never know if some fat leaks out of the meat and makes the fire jump. For the same reason, def gotta roll up the sleeves. A timer is necessary though, usually I download a grill timer app on my phone and set on a table next to me, so I don’t have to wear a watch.

  • Faris

    dude mens primer is speechlessly amazing! now my entire wardrobe has changed because of you. Keep on doing a great job. Im Faris from Malaysia!

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  • James Oxley

    None of these items are available. Please take it down.