The Getup: The End of Summer

The Getup: The End of Summer
An easy transition from the items and colors of summer into those of fall.

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  • Sul

    that denim jacket has to be a joke right?

    • jean

      It is great, very old school.

      • Lance

        I don’t think he meant the jacket as a piece, just not with this outfit (shorts). I don’t think you need long sleeves AND a jacket when shorts are in order.

        Other than that I love the getup. Good Work!

        • Rich

          I kinda agree. If you’re wearing long sleeves and a denim jacket, you’re probably already wearing some kind of pant anyway. This would look “awkward” and folks wouldn’t be able to put their finger on why.

          • jean

            Seen from your perspective, yes i agree.

          • Andrew

            Interesting. I have no issue with wearing a jacket with long sleeves and shorts. If I were wearing short sleeves with a jacket and shorts, there wouldn’t be an issue? You can’t see how long my sleeves are under my jacket.

          • jean

            Honestly, it depends on a lot… like in September, daytime might be hot enough for shorts and short sleeves, and at nighttime, the jeans jacket i have on the backseat of my car might get handy… I do not make rules about all of this. Whatever looks ok and feels great is perfect for the moment. Take care.

          • jean

            Andrew, This has been ask before, so I am going to paraphrase: I’m going on a cruise in a couple weeks, can you do a nice
            cruise getup? Thinking something for the day of the cruise, getting on
            the boat and let the drinking commence!

    • Andrew

      They’ve been pretty standard issue for a couple of years now, but they’re not for everyone.

  • Sul

    Andrew, I’ve just never seen that on anyone who had any idea of what modern day style is. This is coming from a New Englander though, so don’t know if this is now standard fare elsewhere.

  • Dave

    I’m new to shorts.(LOL). I love the fit of the Target line(the more expensive ones, forgot the name). Anyway, I don’t like the shorts too baggy so how do these American Eagle shorts compare as far as fit? Thanks in advance! These posts literally have helped me soooooooo much!!

    • Harrison

      Dave, the brand you’re thinking of is Merona. They’re Target’s higher end brand. American Eagle is a decent place for shorts when they’re on sale. They have a range of different cuts and fits. Depending on your body type, get a pair that fits well, with this outfit you would want shorts to be about an inch to an inch and a half above the knee. If you avoid cargo pants with several side pockets, the shorts from AE should have a nice fit to them.

  • Tee

    I’m from Michigan and shorts and a jacket/sweatshirt is nothing new in the fall. Usually it is warm enough during the day but come evening it is nice to have a jacket to put on. You see it quiet a bit at the beach, on the pier, or if you are taking a boat or ferry somewhere.

  • Nathan

    Down in Texas this may be something to wear in December, anyway you guys can do posts that deal with fall months and still hot as all get out every day? Thanks for the consideration.

    • Andrew

      If it’s summer weather year-round, wouldn’t the spring and summer getups apply?

  • Ryan Donnell

    Just bought the watch. Very nice for a price like that.