The Getup: Summer Date

The Getup: Summer Date
It’s hot, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to wear t-shirts and flip flops everywhere you go, especially not on a date.

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  • DeMarco

    I seriously just drooled over this watch… This the third time of seen this chambray short in a blog post. I’ll take that as a sign to buy my own.

  • Patrick H.

    I’ve got pants in virtually the same color as the shorts shown here, so I’ll probably rock those with my loafers (not a huge fan of boat shoes) for a very similar look that may be more adaptable to few pegs down on the thermometer

    • Andrew

      Nice! That would look great.

  • jcard21

    From about 22 years old on, I’ve always worn business suits everywhere … work, weekends, and dates (except when playing sports!). I know I’m in the minority; it’s sad.

    When you dress like a little boy, you will be treated like a little boy.

    When you dress like a man, people treat you like a man … with respect … with importance …

    then, it’s up to you to live up to that.


    • Jaylen

      One trick pony, my friend.

    • TEAdown

      Although they say clothes make the man, it’s more about how you act and treat others to feel treated with respect. I don’t feel it necessary to don a suit daily to get respect from people yet I get respect most all places I go because of how I act.

    • Festus Williams

      You’re a barrel of laughs…if you’re not present I imagine everybody misses and asks after right. I suppose your black book is a beehive of activity, right?

      exit is that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> way, son.

      Oh and don’t forget this!
      **chucks double breasted suit jacket after jaquass21**

  • Robert

    Chambray shirts are a life-saver at work as well. I work for the government in Georgia and often have to find the balance between sweltering temperatures and something that can quickly be dressed up to attend court. Chambray often gets compliments. Can’t stand the wooden watches, though. What’s wrong with a classic field watch?

    • Andrew

      Nothing wrong with a good field watch!

  • Dave

    I tried that Shirt from target a few weeks back and love the color and look but extremely disappointed by the fit. I am 5’10 and 156 pounds and the small was very billowy. Not worth buying only to have altered. That watch looks ridiculously amazing.

    • Festus Williams

      Oh contraire. Getting things like this altered are what makes it yours, your chest will puff that little more when you know you’re donning a well fitting shirt. Plus it only costs $20.

      • Dave

        You may be right but it’s hard to justify a $40 purchase on a shirt that may not last very long. It is a beautiful shirt though. One other question: Can you wear that shirt in Fall or Winter even though the buttons are white?

    • Jason Schwass

      Old Navy has a great Chambray shirt that, when sized down, fits like a slim or athletic fit shirt. I love it.

  • Drew

    Another option if you’re not into boat shoes are leather Jack Purcell’s. they are an awesome addition to your wardrobe as they go with shorts & jeans – you can also wear them sockless. If you are going to use body powder I recommend using Gold Bond Ultimate – w/ Aloe. The medicated Gold Bond has a very strong odor that may be unappealing.

    • Festus Williams

      In that ^case I’d add Pro Keds (not all of them) but quite a few of them.

  • Dave Hahn

    I still like the look of chambray but I kinda think the fabric is played out. Everyone is rocking it these days – I’m leaning towards linen this season.