The Getup: Spring is Coming

The Getup: Spring is Coming
Pair earth tones with a deep red and blue plaid for a casual, balanced look. This time of year opt for a waterproof jacket...just in case.

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  • Justinrepasky

    The pants aren’t $35, they are $60. Big difference.

  • Noschro

    Has anyone ordered from Midwest shades? If so are they of decent quality and fit? The website shows plenty of customers but very little reviews.

    • Kevin

      Ive ordered three pairs from them, they are I think really good quality for the price, plus they fit my fat head nicely. A side note, one of the pairs I got were the aviator style glasses called the Baconater and they are super dark, which is nice 

      • Noschro

        Thanks Kevin!

  • FrankChills

    I love how you just said you were going to put midwest in a Getup and here they are lol… Good job Andrew!

  • ChrisReetz

    as always wonderful selections.  the jacket is perfect.  added to my wish list.

  • Kevin

    Hey Andrew, I have a Getup request/question. I am going to be job hunting in May, in Texas. I need a nice looking outfit for interviews that I won’t sweat to death in. 

    • Andrew

      How dressy do you want to be?

      • Kevin

        Well I will be applying for graphic design/ tech jobs so I would say a slightly nicer business casual look. 

  • Izzone001

    Do these sunglasses have sizes listed (I wear a 58 or sometimes a 55)? I just bought a pair of $175 Wayfarers that I wouldn’t mind returning to get 2 pairs for these for a fraction of the price…

  • davis

    I haven’t had the best experiences with Frank and Oak. Anyone care to share there experience here?

    • Andrew

      I have a shirt from them and I love it. Was it product or service related?

      • davis

        Service-related. I have been pleased with the fit and quality of the goods.

        Service is another issue. The website says items ship within four days, but my experience has been much longer lead times. On my last order I had to email customer service about 3 times asking why my order had yet to ship. I was never given an answer. It took 14 working days from the time my credit card was charged until my items shipped. 

        I’m not an unreasonable guy. All I wanted was to be made aware of any delays or difficulties they were having and given an update on when my package would ship, but instead I got the run around. This happens every time I order (three to be exact).

        Just want to make everyone aware: I love the selection and the fit. Quality of the goods is reasonably good. Just don’t be in any hurry at all.

        • Andrew

          Whoa yeah that’s no good! Like I said I’ve had a good experience, but I’m curious if others have had this issue. Maybe some will chime in.

          • Bradley McB

            I have received a few orders from them. Each one took a little longer than their advertised four days, however, I have never had one take two weeks. Each time I’ve contacted customer service with a question, they were extremely helpful and courteous.
            I will say the shirts are extremely fitted. I’m of medium frame and the medium size shirts just barely fit across my chest without pulling at the buttons.
            Overall, I’m satisfied with the experience.

    • Chrisapowers1

      Haven’t had to contact customer service in my 2 orders, but shipping is a tad slower than advertised. The fit, however, is great. I was worried because there site doesn’t say much about the individual fit. Quality seems to be pretty good as well.

  • Andreas

    This Frank & Oak store looks pretty cool. But if you miss out on ordering when they have the item up did you miss your chance to order it? I liked the other shirt you posted on a Get Up some time in the past but I wont be back in the US for a few months so I guess I won’t be able to order these shirts…

    • Andrew

      Yeah, they’re only available for a short while. Supposedly that’s why the clothes are so affordable, so they say. Have it shipped to a friend or relative!