The Getup: Spring Date – Wine Tasting

The Getup: Spring Date – Wine Tasting
Skip the movies this time and do something that offers the opportunity to actually talk to each other.

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  • noah

    Can’t wear this getup in 85 degree Texas weather. How bout a southern spring getup to go with this one?

    • Lenn

      Just leave the sweater and the jacket and you should be fine.. 😉

    • Andrew


      British khaki shorts, the low version of the moc, and a similarly striped polo.If a color, pattern, or texture combination works, it should work in other creations like with hot weather wear. Just apply it to what you have, or where you live.

      • Mike Wheat

        do you have links to share with that?

        • Andrew

          Yep, the items should be clickable.

          • Mike Wheat

            thanks, the links werent working on my other computer.

      • Noah

        awesome thanks Andrew

  • Justin H.

    I’d like to say that Flint & Tinder have been THE most comfortable pair of boxer briefs I have worn. While my comparison base is small I never remember I’m wearing them, and that’s the way it should be; in my opinion. That is with the longer ones, the shorter ones I had issues though they might be alright for someone else. I got one of each to try.

  • Luke

    Love this get up, it would be awesome if you guys did get ups of different regions for the same season.

    • Andrew

      Will do!

  • Scott Kimberly

    I would love to see some getups to deal with sweltering Southern summers. I just moved to Middle Tennessee last year from Seattle and need some help adjusting.

    • Andrew

      Sweltering summer!? It’s only April 2nd! 😉

      • Scott Kimberly

        I was thinking prospectively! That being said, as someone coming from Seattle to Middle Tennessee, early April already feels sweltering.

  • Tom

    I like that sweater, but wouldn’t the oxford go better with a v-neck?

    • Andrew

      A v neck would look great, the crew neck makes it more casual.

      • Tom

        Waaaay late posting, but it got warm and last night was the first night it was cool enough for me to break out this sweater. I have to admit I was a doubter on the crew neck…but this knocked it out of the park. White collared shirt underneath, sleeves pulled halfway up the forearm and cuffs folded under…got a ton of compliments and I didn’t even go somewhere that was that crowded.

  • Lucas

    Does anyone have that field jacket and know how it is in person? I’ve been looking for a field jacket and this looks like an affordable option.

    • ChrisReetz

      Checked in-store yesterday and couldn’t find it. Heard it fits baggy, but would like to try in person as well.

    • Bill

      Ive had it for 2 years. Unfortunately I bought it at a higher price, but I love it and wear it with a lot of different outfits. Paired with dark denim it makes for a “rougher” look while still being polished. I’m 6’1″ 190lbs and bought a medium. Definitely a good buy for me.

  • ChrisReetz

    Want it. $345 for complete get-up. Taking donations today. Boots, sweater, jacket, watch… all great choices.

  • Jon Helmkamp

    Wow, this is great, and every piece is really affordable. Thanks Andrew! I love the getups. I’m getting married on Saturday and am taking my soon-to-be wife to an inn out in the Oregon wine country, so this is really well timed.

    • Andrew

      Thank you, and congratulations!

  • Mike

    Skip the cologne for the tasting….trust me.

  • Dave

    I actually ordered that converse jacket a few weeks back but returned it because the fabric is very stiff will not look good on some one who is thin as it makes you look thinner. (Not a great look for a man):)

  • Guest

    just for the record, i bought that target jacket. Standing at 6’1, the jacket felt WAY longer then it should have, coming down to mid-thigh.

    • Stevon Duey

      I have this jacket too. I’m 5’11” (6′ on a good day) and 175 lbs. I think the length works fine. I bought a medium and the sleeves were a little slim but still left room for movement. Bottom pockets are a little bigger than I like, but still a great spring jacket. Solid B on fit and style.

  • Nick

    I love how the getups always incorporate “staple” wardrobe items. Everyone has a pair of brown courds and a white oxford, and it’s totally worth buying the sweater and jacket. Great, as usual.


    great fit thanks, wore this with brandy colored ralph lauren ranger boots instead and it looked awesome.

  • Chris

    Boots available at JCP for $75.00 plus free shipping. There’s also a $10 off $50 floating around out there.

  • Bob Dobalina

    I’m in Texas and almost all of these seem to be for people living in MN (I used to live there, I know…) Any chance of having a dual getup? Like have this but then right under have something similar but for people living in warm climates?

    • Bob Dobalina

      Sorry, I meant to say I live in Florida, but was reading the comment below while typing 🙁

  • Stephen Harris

    These are cool getups. I want that jacket for me.

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