The Getup: Ready to Work

The Getup: Ready to Work
Casual office environments can look like an army of tan trousers and Express shirts. Dress it up without dressing up.


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  • Guest

    For some reason I feel I would look like Carlton from Fresh Prince with this particular look. Let the dancing begin…. It’s not unusual…

    • Andrew

      Haha what is it about it that makes you feel
      that way? The loafers?

      • Firew_dmy

        Lol I think its the pink shirt and beige cardigan. Thats what gets it, for me at least.

      • Guest

        It something about the pink/blue combo WITH the loafers. After seeing this getup I had to go look at some youtube videos of Carlton dancing, couldn’t help myself.

  • Patrick Brown

    How do you care for shoes similar to the Florsheim loafers? Is this a pair of shoes where you should use something similar to Kiwi’s saddle soap?

    Actually… I just searched the site, and an article on shoe care would actually be great. Learning how to correctly care for my Clark’s, Sperrys, and my dress shoes would be awesome; specifically whether or not to use shoe polish. I’ve ruined one pair of shoes with polish, I would love to not ruin another.

    • Andrew

      Great idea! For most smooth leathers you can use shoe polish or saddle soap. How did you ruin your pair? Was it because the color wasn’t quite right?

      • Patrick Brown

        I used some brown shoe polish on a pair of Calvin Klein shoes that I don’t believe should have been polished. They are kind of a flat leather, not a shiny leather I assume would normally be polished. Don’t know if you’re supposed to use shoe polish on all shoes, hence my suggestion for an article. Needless to say, the shoes became a completely different color, and I was unable to get the polish in to all the nooks of the shoe to have a uniform color across the whole thing. I will definitely be more careful in the future.

  • Mike Wheat

    im in love with that shirt.

  • PGurung

    Not related to the getup presented here. I just wanted to say that your graphics are very top notch. They are very modern, clean and professional. That is one of the main reason I am always looking forward to your next article.
    P.S. the advice is top notch too btw!

    • Andrew

      Wow! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! 🙂

      • Gaurav P.

        Hi Andrew, how come it is not possible to save every single “Get up” image like I was able to save this one? I literally use your get up suggestions to put together my outfits and I like to hoard them on my desktop after I’ve read your post for easy reference. 

        Can you make all images saveable please?

        • Andrew

          I’m actually not doing anything intentionally to disable save. Is there an example you can give me so I can check it out? Thanks!

  • Chrisapowers1

    Try Bass Weejuns if you want to save even a bit more and still have a nice, quality pair of loafers.

    • Eric Henao

      I’ll second the Bass Weejuns.

    • Andrew

      Nice, thanks for the recommendation! Which color do you have?

  • Clasifyd

    You love your cardigans, don’t ya?  Everything about the outfit looks great, but cardigans always look so…’Mr. Rogers’.

    • Andrew

      Haha! Don’t write off cardigans just yet. (You should just be glad it wasn’t a shawl collar! Those are my go-to.) For guys who are younger or who work in a casual business environment, the blazer can feel like too much. Without the cardigan it’s just a dress shirt and a tie. Some argue you shouldn’t do that, I personally think it can be done, but the cardigan ‘wraps up’ the outfit and finishes it. If it’s still not your style, just disregard the sweaters from now on. 🙂

      • Clasifyd

         I certainly see your point about blazers being too much sometimes. Maybe it’s just because I’m in Florida, and cardigans are non-existent here, or maybe because I’ve never had one that fit worth a damn and didn’t look ‘frumpy’. I’ll try to keep an open mind. =)

        • Andrew

          Ah, if you’re worried about frumpy make sure it’s a super thin cardigan. These are usually more ‘dressy’ and modern. Banana Republic has some good inspiration for that.

  • Jose

    That color on the cardigan is great, but the Old Navy ones are TERRIBLE quality. Seriously. All itchy and crappy and stuff.

    • bryclops

      Have you tried on the specific sweater featured here? I tried ON’s shawl cardigans a few months back and they were awful because they had really low quality lambswool in them. With these sweaters being just cotton/poly, I have higher hopes… unless you can dash those hopes with personal experience (which would still be appreciated).

    • Patrick Brown

      I bought this cardigan today and know EXACTLY which cardigans you’re referring to. They were out around October/November I believe? They were thick and itchy and awful. Hands down one of the worst things I’ve ever tried on. This cardigan however is very nice, lightweight, and not itchy at all. However, it is VERY lightweight. I think it’s thinner than cardigans you will find at Gap, Banana Republic, American Eagle, or even Urban Outfitters. I really like it, and it will be great for when it’s warm out. But definitely not warm enough to forgo a jacket in the colder months. And if you’re ordering online, it does run a little big. I normally wear a medium, bought this in a small. I like a snug, slim fit, and had to go with the small to achieve that look. Even with a button up underneath, it still fits how I want.

  • Guest

    If you’re going to pony up for the “upgrade” shoes, try something more exciting like the Allen Edmonds Grayson. I feel like those plain pennies are just too boring to spend that cash on. But.. that’s just like, my opinion, man. 

  • Chrisapowers1

    Tried the D2 Dockers on in the store because I was skeptical of the fit…glad I did. The D2’s were way too baggy for my taste.

    • Andrew

      Yeah you’ve got to see which fit works best. The Alphas are skin tight on my legs.

      • Chrisapowers1

        Is there a big difference in the Alphas and the D2’s? I really like the fit of the Emerson Chinos from Banana Republic. It’s a happy medium between too tight and too baggy, in my opinion.

  • ChrisReetz

    Get-up inspired me to pick up a cardigan from JCP –

    • Andrew

      Nice! How do you like it? I had my eye on that exact one.

  • Antonio Melgarejo

    I’m going to Vegas in a couple weeks. Can you put together an outfit for the Vegas nightlife? Thank you!

  • Eric

    What color are the dockers?

  • Chrisapowers1

    Some feedback on the combination

    1. The shirt is awesome. I was hesitant, but I pulled the trigger and shirt fits great on an athletic build (slim fitting medium). The color isn’t justified until you have it in your hands. It made me a fan of Frank and Oak for here on out.

    2. The tie looks good and it’s cheap…too bad the shipping is $7.00. Call in your order and complain and they will waive the shipping.

    3. The cardigan is nice and cheap ($18.00 in-store). However, it doesn’t go well with the shirt. The shirt collar is too short, which makes the collar pop over the cardigan. It just doesn’t look right. The cardigan can pair well with other shirts, though.
    4. The pants are awful! D2’s were not my style at all. I tried them on in the store and they looked terrible. The material they’re made of also picks up a lot of lint and trash…no thanks. I went with the navy blue Emerson Chinos from Banana Republic. Although more expensive, it’s a much better fit. If you like slim…try J.Crew Urban Slims.

    5. As for the shoes, I picked up a pair of Bass Weejuns at the outlet for $60.00. Can’t go wrong with a trad staple.

    Overall, I wasn’t feeling the outfit after I contructed it myself. However, it inspired me to pair the shirt with some khaki chinos rather than the navy, which looked much better. Glad I got the shirt for sure! 

  • James

    Hi Andrew, I would like to thank you for the wonderful
    articles. I am a recent graduate and I struggle with buying and putting
    together appropriate cloths. I was hoping to find guidelines as to color peering
    rules. The other day I was puzzled as to what color shoes one would have to
    wear with blue or green slacks. I currently work in a corporate world and I feel
    that my current dress code (lack of it) is holding me back from potential advancement.
    I would like to respectfully request an article dedicated on how one should
    match colors of shirts, pants, belt, shoes, undershirt, socks . . . . for corporate
    world. Perhaps something like a table or a Decision tree diagram. Thank you
    very much. 




  • Travis

    Is that a grey tie or a blue one?