The Getup: Hoodie, T-Shirt & Jeans

The Getup: Hoodie, T-Shirt & Jeans
Whaaaat? It’s true. If you put a little thought into it you can look great. It’s the attention to detail that takes you from lazy to sharp.

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  • Alex Kang

    you can pick up some nice military duffles from the army surplus store as a substitute. they’re practically free too (compared to the price of that LL Bean)

  • Alex Kang

    it’s still a bit cold here in NYC so with a hoodie i’d throw on a simple bomber style jacket too;

    • night_fate

      Nice. Always been a fan of the east coast leather jacket/hoodie combo. Don’t get much opportunity for it in So Cal.

  • rosalinda randall

    A much more polished version of the “hoodie” look. Not a fan of hands in the pockets;it does nothing for a man’s posture. They look meek, not approachable, and lacks confidence. Is it just me?

  • Matt Johnson

    Solid selections, Andrew. If you’re looking to step away from boots and go a bit more casual, these Vans OTW winos are a great choice. As it warms up here in LA, I’m moving towards more sneakers and away from boots.

    • Andrew

      I like those!

  • gilla

    where are the jeans? last time i checked chinos were not classified jeans… although a slim pair of dark denim (levis 514) would do the case for this example

    • Ryan N

      Gonna have to agree here. T-shirt and Jeans does not mean T-shirt and Chinos!

      • Ree

        This is a crime against fashion!

  • Themimbo

    Great look. Love your use of color. Has inspired me in my own wardrobe.

  • David K

    This is a little off topic, but I have a pale yellow cashmere blend sweater that is perfect for spring. I can’t seem to find anything to wear underneath said sweater without it showing thru, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Andrew

      Go with a solid oxford button up like white, blue or gray, or wear it by itself with a pair of shorts.

      • DanPatrickFlores

        I’d also suggest a pale pink oxford if you’re feeling daring, but you can’t go wrong with a solid white oxford

    • David K

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • tjw5083

    Love Clark’s Original Desert Boot but $90? More like $119.

    • Andrew

      It’s kind of annoying, they’re priced differently based in color and size. I used my size and at the time that’s how much they were.

  • Brian

    Andrew, Really enjoy your site. Nice work, dude. Here’s a challenge for you…

    What would you wear with this pair of ropers (link below)? I bought them because they look great and have a lower heel than other boots. I do wear them with jeans – and yes; I’m in Texas. But I’d like to use them in other outfits. Are they a good substitute for desert boots?

    Appreciate your help.

    • Andrew

      I’d say you can definitely swap them in any desert boot outfit. Should work great.

  • Jarod Muñoz

    With it being so hot here in south Texas I just changed the chino pants to shorts of the same color, lost the hoodie and wore some comfy grey and blue Sperrys. I got so many compliments on the outfit! Thank you so much for the inspiration