The Getup: Early Fall Business Casual

The Getup: Early Fall Business Casual
What’s the difference between any schlub in a shirt, tie, sweater, and chinos and you? You pay attention to the details.

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  • Wally

    I love that pullover from Banana. How do shirts from Izod usually fit? Are they a slimmer cut or a “classic” cut.

    • Brock

      In my experience, more classic. But I haven’t bought anything from them in a few years (for that reason).

    • RP

      Usually a more classic fit that runs on the large side. However, Izod recently came out with a “slim fit” cut as well. Tried them, loved them, highly recommended – just make you double check which one you’re buying.

  • Leroy Dankins

    That’s one damn fine pullover sweater. I might even consider ordering. But is a Banana Republic “tall fit” similar to a slim fit in other stores? I’m only 5′ 9″.

    • Andrew

      Right above that there’s a tab for regular fit, I’ll see if I can force it to link to the regular fit.

  • Zander

    Can anyone speak on behalf of those longwings or beckett simonon? I might pull the trigger but am slightly worried about the quality. I like that it is a workhorse shoe that can be used for both work and play. However, it may be best just to save up and upgrade to some AEs…

    • JonShanny

      I have had my eye on some Beckett Simonon shoes for months but they were always out of my size (13), I did pull the trigger on their Goodyear Welted collection for both the loafers and Black shoes, They have free shipping both ways so I figure I can’t lose! Supposedly shipping at the end of November, very excited.

    • Andrew

      Always go AE if that’s a realistic option for you. Mine are the best shoes I’ve owned.

  • EMT

    Excellent as always! Also, am I the only one that also visualizes the getup with a pair of similar colored desert boots? You know, for an even more casual approach?

    • Andrew

      Definitely, that would look great!

  • Aaron

    How do those Izod shirts fit? Are they real billowy or pretty slim fit?

    • Frank

      Every Izod button down ive ever bought had to be tailored. They’re not slim at all. I’m 6’2 220 and buy their large and have to get them taken in.

  • Dan

    Thanks for including the Tommy watch! I work for Movado who is the licensee of Tommy Hilfiger watches and we really appreciate your support. If you’re looking for another great fall watch, see attached. Thanks again!

  • JBS

    I usually avoid wearing a tie with stripes with a striped shirt. I think my father made the recommendation one time. Nowadays, it is acceptable to do?

  • BNew

    I have a suggestion/question. Like I said before I’ve looked at all of your Get Ups but, I haven’t seen one with black dress pants? I don’t wear my suit too often so I think it would be cool what a good combination would be without a suit jacket. Any thoughts on that? Do you think it would be a nice Get Up to do?

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  • Brandon Touhey

    Not entirely sure how I feel about Frank & Oak’s collection. They seem to be cheaply made, from the few lightly worn items I’ve had to discard. Really like this look, though!

  • Timpe

    Nice watch and nice price

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