The Getup: Comfortable, Dry, & Sweat-Free

The Getup: Comfortable, Dry, & Sweat-Free
Many parts of the country are entering that awkward phase where it’s still chilly, still a little rainy, but you’re drenched in sweat walking across town. Play it smart with a coat that will keep you dry, but not over-insulated.

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  • EC

    Is that windbreaker waterproof?

  • Brandon R

    & goldbond…for your sports equipment.

  • Zach Thoren

    As a general rule on short sleeve button ups: No. All else can stay.

    • Andrew

      That sort of thinking came about in the 90s when short sleeve shirts had baggy sleeves that angled out at 45°. These days there are a lot of trimmer offerings that look great. For more see the short sleeve shirts of the 50s and 60s.

      • Andrew

        Here’s a good visual of the difference.

        • Andrew

          y uno mas

          • Zach Thoren

            Please do ignore my ignorance on the topic. Hadn’t realized that not all Short Sleevers are created equal.

          • Andrew

            No problem! That’s what I’m here for. 🙂

          • Scott Burgeson

            I am going to go ahead and say that the two examples posted are not really relevant to the average guy. One of them is James bond for Christ’s sake. Short sleeve button Downs are fine if you are a model but for the rest of us it is just always much easier to pull off the rolled long sleeve. The lines are better and easier to work with.

          • kev

            all comparisons to Bond’s style is equal to cheating LOL

      • Zach Thoren

        Admittedly, I do see your point. I will consider trying on a modern trim short sleeve, but do still prefer a rolled long sleeve personally. Thanks for the response and valid point @andrewsnavely:disqus!

        • Gary Scribner

          Check out the modern fitting short sleeve button-ups from Banana Republic. I was very skeptical of them at first, but I am wearing one right now as I type this.

  • Scottie

    I like!

  • JW

    Generally I agree with Zach always better to roll up the sleeves of a quality shirt than go short sleeve, but that might be a British thing. Also interesting socks…!
    Love the rest especially the windbreaker, cheap too!

  • Jack

    I for one, love the look of a trim short-sleeve shirt. Helps if your packing some guns as well. 😀

  • Marcus

    Have you seen that windbreaker in person? I like the look of it on here, but then go over to the jcp site and it looks positively neon.

    • Chris Jones

      Yea, definitely a different color. If it’s dark, I’m in. Light, no way (though the navy one isn’t bad either).

    • ChrisReetz

      Second Marcus’s comment. Would like to hear opinions on the JCP windbreaker and H&M pants – fit?. Both are steals. And now: “As always great picks Andrew!” Can’t say it enough.

      • Andrew

        Thank you!

  • Ron Macoon

    14 bucks?! not bad, not bad at all

  • ChrisReetz

    Carryall bag is straight awesomeness.

  • ChrisReetz

    Last comment. Everlane seems to have some nice Oxford button-ups for sale. Discovered while checking out the Carryall. Need to check one out.

  • night_fate

    That is straight up a purse, dude. Unless there’s a bowling ball in there. In which case, by all means, bowl on.

    • Andrew

      That would be one hell of a big purse.

      • night_fate

        Lol. Yes it would, but the handles still give it that look. I find duffel and messenger bags are a little easier to pull off walking down the street. If you love the size and form factor, I’d go with either this ( ) for about half the price

        or if you’re sticking point is the color combo but you’re willing to drop a little more, this ( )

        My dad has the duffel and loves, and I’ve got an earlier model of that combo duffel that’s gotten me compliments, which as a dude is not something I expect from a bag.

        Unrelated, I appreciate how active you are in the comments section, and enjoy your interaction with the community as much as the articles. Sorry about the several paragraph response.

        • Andrew

          Nice! I’m new to that brand, but they’re cheap and good looking.