The Getup: Casual Spring Weekend

The Getup: Casual Spring Weekend
Mix patterns and textures for a complete style. Dressing well isn’t necessarily about matching, it’s about complementing.

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  • Charles & Hudson

    Very sharp – great picks Andrew.

    • Andrew

      Thanks, glad you like it!

  • ChrisReetz

    Pssst. Need me some Vans like that.

  • Michael Slater

    Just wondering, what kind of socks would you wear with an outfit like this?

    • Andrew

      I wold go with white or gray no-show ankle socks. With those, there will probably be just a small border of whatever color the socks are above the shoe.

  • Joe

    Sorry, dumb question… but are you suppose to be layering the shirt and sweatshirt?

    • Andrew

      No dumb questions here. Yep, that’s the idea if you’re in an area that is still cool or cools off in the evening. For folks in hotter climates, ditch the sweatshirt.

      • Nameless_One

        Another dumb question: the shirt over or under the sweatshirt?

        • Andrew

          The shirt under the sweatshirt. I believe the shirt is too slim to do it the other way around.

  • James

    Does anyone do the “tshirt with the woven shirt over but not buttoned” thing anymore? would that work with this getup?

    • Andrew

      Hmm…I don’t think so. You could do the bottom half buttons and probably get away with it.

  • Luke

    Those shoes are great! What else do you think they would go with. The color is strange but interesting. I’ve been thinking about some red keds but not sure what all those would go with either lol

    • Andrew

      They’d look great with denim, dark or colors, as well as chinos.