The Getup: Business Casual Promotion Meeting

The Getup: Business Casual Promotion Meeting
Working in a casual or business casual office can make it surprisingly hard to dress up a notch when a promotion meeting comes around.

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  • Andres Herrera

    Great look! However, it maybe a little too early for for me here in Phx. to be rocking those beautiful earthly tones. Please tell me I’m wrong!!

  • Adam Brewton

    Where was this Friday?! Just kidding, I really appreciate the help. I doubt I’d get the same immediate and tailored response from GQ or some other men’s guide.
    When I came out of the fitting room wearing a close variant of what you suggested, my wife said “Damn honey! You need to wear what he says more often.” I’ve gotten great feedback from peers at work as well. I usually dress nice, but the subtle mix of colors and patterns definitely takes it up a notch.

    • Andrew

      That’s great!! Glad to help!

  • Dennis Swender

    Dockers pants always look cool in pictures. Whenever I try them on, I add 20 years to my life.

    • bryclops

      I’ve been there, but there are nice Dockers to be had. Two suggested rules of thumb:

      1) No pleats.
      2) Slim fits.

      • Dennis Swender

        Where do you buy them? Everything I see at Macy’s is not good. I’d love to try some Frank & Oak pants but they don’t come in my size and I don’t think I can pull off the rolled up leg. 🙂

        • Rishee

          Try the Dockers Alpha pants. These are pretty popular as a slim-fit, no-pleat pair of pants. Personally, though, I prefer the Gap Lived-in Slim pants.

          • Tyler R.

            The Gap Lived-In Slim pants are awesome. I love mine. It is irritating because the GAP by my house just closed down. I guess I can always order some haha.

  • Gary Burt

    would be nice to see a pic of all this on

    also anywhere to get a similar but cheaper shirt?

    • Devon

      You can get a very close $20 replica of the shirt from land’s end

  • Chris Jones

    Love this one! That shirt is fantastic. Getups are my favourite part of Primer Mag!