The Getup: A Hayride & Pumpkin Patch Date

The Getup: A Hayride & Pumpkin Patch Date
Skip the movies and take your date into the field, for a romantic ride of nostalgia.

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  • Tom

    Why? Why do you pick such money outfits sometimes, forcing me to spend my hard-earned Benjamins?

    I consider myself lucky they are out of the Autumn Foliage cords in my size. But I do have a similar shade of cords from Bonobos and may have to go by GAP to get that shirt. AND H&M to get that Henley.

    • Leroy Dankins

      As an alternative to those cords, a few months back I picked up a pair of twill pants in the same color at PacSun, they were 2 for $15 on clearance and the two pairs I bought are now my favorite casual pants.

      • Tom

        Nice tip, thank you. I usually wear 32×36 (and that is usually a little loose on my hips) and it looks like PacSun has that. I will be checking those out.

  • Mike

    Those Chippewa Boots just arrived on my doorstep. Man do they look killer! But they do run a bit large. Bob’s Stores sells them on their site and with the 25% off they’ve got going on now the price is great.

    • karan p

      Can’t seem to find that exact model of Chippewa. Have a link?

  • Justin O’Connor

    I wear my white H&M henley so frequently. Thanks for a great fall layering option that had not occurred to me.

  • Jack

    sooo henley under this time, eh 😉

    • Andrew

      For thin ones, yes. You can only really do the henley over the shirt if it’s a heavy thermal one, and a thin button up.

  • Michael

    Watch out for those cords, the colors online are WAY off. The Blue is a VERY dark navy, the Grey is a dark charcoal (both of them are good subs for jeans, but they are much darker than expected). Also, the “Autumn Foliage” which is pictured here is simply straight up ORANGE. It is not a subtle color and will definitely draw attention . . . Just FYI. Other than that, I like the fit, slim without being tight.

  • Leroy Dankins

    That multi-tool money clip is calling my name.

  • Matt

    You could also get corduroy pants at target for half the price. Probably not as well made as BR, but if on a budget they do the trick.

    • Andrew

      Definitely, I actually looked there first but couldn’t find a color I wanted.

  • Jeff

    Kudos on the MiTUSA items.

    And to add an american watch:

  • Misha

    The Timberland earthkeeper Tremont boots are also a nice alternative. Cheaper too

  • Dylan

    Was this watch selected because of the date?!

  • mikes

    got any white henley suggestions that can be worn the rest of the year year that does not show off your nipples? This H&M is too thin.

    • Andrew

      Try a thermal henley, they’re thicker.

      • mikes

        I should have mentioned this, but sadly thermal is not year round option here(SoCal). Tried target’s henley and that too was just a tad too thin and nipply

  • Eric

    Why don’t you guys make getups of all kinds of historic icons, like james dean etc.?

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