The Getup: A Great Night of Music

The Getup: A Great Night of Music
Look great and stay comfortable, no matter where the night takes you.
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What is this?

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  • MattSayar

    Why isn’t there a link to buy cash?

    • RBorek

      This seems like a massive oversight.

    • MArmstrong

       *insert snarky political comment here*

  • Eric

    If you are going out for a concert and drinks, why not wear a suit?

    • Scott Neidich

      Depends on the concert. You’d be a little out of place for most modern music.

    • davis

      Unless it’s to see the philharmonic orchestra I feel a suit would be over doing it a little. This is something that would work well for checking out the local music scene on a friday night.

  • Patrick H.

    Wow, the first getup where I actually own everything mentioned (or a very similar version). Woot

    • Zach

      Same here. Love to see more like this in the future.

  • davis

    The fit of those pants seems great, but I am not a fan of the jean-like stitching. Can anyone suggest an alternative pant with a similar fit that might be more suitable for wearing around the work place?

    • SpaceMonkey

      Try the Levis 514’s twill pants. 

  • Kory Leach

    For a bar scene with rock/ country this is fine.  May I recommend future get ups with emphasis on other music styles i.e. jazz, blues, orchestra etc.  It could be topics especially once the Summer festival season starts.

    • Andrew

      Will do!

  • Søren Boss Jacobsen

    Appreciate it!

  • Søren Boss Jacobsen

    Great outfit! 

  • wantthatdroid

    Don’t forget your Droid! 

  • ReLL ReXX

    Love the “Budget Friendly Alternative” feature. Can purchase the cheaper (but still very stylish) version and look forward to getting the original version. That should be included in every getup.

  • Timothy James Biscoe

    Andrew, any way we can get a mid-winter vacation Get Up??? For if we’re traveling somewhere warm like say…. Miami?!!?!

  • brad

    What color are the pants? I can’t tell if they are steelhead (dark Gray) or more a dark brown.

  • Brad

    What color are the pants? I can’t tell if they are steelhead (dark grey) or dark brown?

  • belgand

    Often needing a light, easily packed/carried jacket I find that an old olive drab Army jacket (well, a BDU shirt technically, but it’s a heavy weight that layers well) serves the purpose excellently. It adds color while still being a fairly dark, neutral shade. If things get too hot you can always roll the sleeves up easily without hurting the look. It also pairs well with jeans so you have greater options in choosing pants. Unlike denim jackets they’re actually sized like dress shirts as well so you can get a much better fit. All this and you can find it in any surplus store and a lot of vintage/used shops for about $20.