The Getup: A Day Game & A Drink

The Getup: A Day Game & A Drink
Stay comfortable and sharp while enjoying a day game with your buddies or a date. Then walk to a local joint for post-game celebrating (or drowning your loss.)

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  • Ryan

    A rare miss on this one Andrew. Please understand I love a lot of your stuff and I am just putting in my two cents on this one.

    Cold Gravy Khakis fit terribly, better to grab a pair on sale from Banana Republic with a 35% off code.

    The JCP Oxfords are not fitted at all. You might try Target, they just had a run of beautifully fitted OCBDs this season same price as the JCP OCBD. Just make sure to get the tailored ones, the modern and classic fits have similar problems to JCP.

    The jacket is fine from what I can tell, but I personally dislike buying clothing I cant try on unless I have purchased form the company before. Levis has a “commuter jacket” that is well fitted and is on sale at REI and Macy’s so you can check to make sure it fits you.

    Why the sneakers? I suppose this is a personal choice but if you are going with the dressed down look why not keep it classy with a shoe people will have a reason to wear outside of the gym. Vans canvas shoes or some type of boot would be much more appropriate here.

    • Nebo

      Uhm, maybe you missed the “pulling together what you already have” line! 😀

      Personally i like this. Simply, still very cool. And the belt is the touch of the master; it doesn’t match the shoes but the pants, so you look smart casual highlighting the sporty side. Imho.

      PS i know, my english is terrible. Sorry for that. 😐

    • Andrew

      We’ll have to agree to disagree! This is one of my recent favorites. 98% of the time when Getups feature tennis shoes they’re Converse, Vans, or some other canvas plimsol. I get comments requesting more street style sneakers and I gotta mix it up once and awhile. 😉 Thanks for the fit notes, I haven’t had those issues myself, but everyone has to see what works for them. I can’t wear Alpha khakis, for example, but they’re universally revered.

      • Ryan

        Interesting. I wonder if thats an overall trend in fashion I’ve noticed the reddit sites and 4chan heading that way as well. But gq and details are remaining more classic dress.

        Again I mean no offence. Really love your stuff.

      • Ryan Donnell

        I have to agree with Andrew here, we are talking about a day game and a drink, not a casual date or anything like that. Sneakers are an excellent choice. There are dressy, casual sneaker-style shoes that can go here but Andrew’s choice is just fine.

    • Chipster

      I have to agree about the fit on the JCP OCBD. I own the exact one shown here, and it positively billows throughout the back/sides. Not slim-fitted at all. I would recommend anyone to try this one on before buying, it’s a really loose fit.

      Can’t say I’m with you about the Alphas, though. Haven’t pulled the trigger on any yet (waiting for them to go on sale), but the ones I tried on in-store fit pretty much perfectly. Levi’s 508’s are my go-to for pants, and I find these fit pretty similarly.

      And I think those Nikes look awesome, and would go great with an outfit like this. A welcome departure from the standard converse/vans, etc. as Andrew mentioned.

      • Friday

        Your comment makes me wonder if maybe the JCP OCBD’s available now aren’t quite the same as the ones I bought a year or so ago (before the management shake-up). Mine surely leave room to maneuver but “billow” is definitely not a word I would use to describe them. (just FYI: I own the JCP size small, hover around 148 lbs, and am 5’10”)

    • diversification

      Regarding the OCBD, I’ve not tried Uniqlo ones, but they’re typically around that price point and I have to think (based on everything I’ve read) that they’re both a trimmer fit and better quality than JCP or Target.

    • Friday

      Target is great if you never plan on tucking in your shirt. I have T-shirts that go lower than the tails on those OCBD’s and most other casual target button-up shirts. I was lucky enough to pick up a few JCP oxfords when they were still selling for … well, I forget exactly, but it was WAY less than the 40 or so bucks they’re asking for now. But anyway, at least with the JCP’s, they were about as trim as an off-the-rack shirt is gonna be, AND you could actually tuck them in!

    • Mike

      You’re probably thinking of the Old Navy khakis from last year. I bought a pair because they were cheap and never wore them because the fit was horrible. But the new ones that they just put out fit me absolutely perfectly, and i prefer pretty slim clothing.

  • Jessy

    I bought those pants recently!

  • Vince

    A little early for this heavy stuff?? It’s still short sleeves weather!

    • Andrew

      Gotta plan ahead!

    • Friday

      Not sure where you live, but the forecast calls for a high of 56 here in lovely northeast Ohio.

      • AJBoilanger

        I’ll never get used to Ohio weather, it changes so frequently. Especially in the greater Cleveland area.

    • Evan85

      There are countries in the southern hemisphere with the internet, believe it or not 😉