The Getup: 2 Options for The Company Holiday Party

what to wear to company holiday party

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  • Jonathan

    Im going to DSW at lunch today to see if they have those shoes. Ive been looking for a nice pair of wing tips for awhile now and that price looks pretty fair

    • Jonathan

      they had some cole haans that were identical but in a lighter brown look for 149.99. i liked how they fit more since they offered in 1/2 sizes as well. both looked great. they had them right up front when i walked in.

      • Tom

        I’m a big Cole Haan fan. They are my go-to for comfort right out of the box.

  • Stevon

    I have those herringbone pants from Gap. I love them. Not quite as drapey as the picture makes them seem. They also have a slimmer leg hole opening which is nice as well.

    • Andrew

      Are yours the slim fit? Currently it’s saying they’re out of stock (they were in stock yesterday) but they also have a pair in “relaxed fit” which look way too drapey in the photo, but maybe they’re not so bad in person.

      • Stevon

        Yeah, I bought the slim fit.

  • db

    Where could I get pants similar to that style, since gap is out of stock?

    • Travis

      I want to say I saw something similar from Clairborne at JC Penny when I was there yesterday. They were 50% off which put them at about 19.99 if memory serves.

  • Bryce Levet

    I highly recommend checking out the JCPenney Merino Wool V Neck. The quality is good for the price and it’s a great cheap alternative to the Nordstorm one here. In store you can get at least 15% off in addition. I bought two out the door with tax for $37.

  • Jano

    Love the two options and colors used in this setup. Aside from the Frank&Oak shirt I have almost everything listed.

  • Lance

    Andrew – Is there any concern that the tie and pants match too much? Or does the sweater nullify that concern?

    • Andrew

      There’s only a tiny portion of the tie poking out, and they’re not next to each other so I wouldn’t worry about it. The the tie is similar but a bit lighter.