Live Action Getup: Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself, Too

Live Action Getup: Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself, Too
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This post was inspired by Levi's®. WRAP your presence.

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  • Clasifyd

    Andrew, I’ve gotta say I really like having a picture of the Getup assembled and worn. Sometimes it’s hard to picture in my mind’s eye how it will all fit together. Well done, as usual.

    • Ryan

      I agree, I constantly wonder about sizing for this stuff since places like Macy’s have yet to get on the men’s fashion wagon. The picture gives me a good idea of overall cut of the product.

  • Dmitri

    The picture really does help! Great as usual, although the watch does seen a little tame.

    • Adam

      I think the watch has some nice subtle detail. Clearly upscale, but not gaudy.

      • Casey

        The watch is great. Orient makes some of the best watches you may never have heard of.

    • Drew

      @ef93d5f68b27f90f37baa3af67f45bee:disqus I have a watch similar to this. It’s a subtle detail that completes for a casual outfit or a business casual get-up. Any simple face watch with a classic brown leather band can go with almost 75% of your get-ups for the week.

  • Max Nachamkin

    Solid items. I’m diggin the shawl sweater.

    And true, having items that are multi-purpose is important in keeping a piece of clothing over time. I have shirts that I could only wear in a suit, and I don’t wear them anymore because I don’t wear a suit that often. Time to toss those out and replace ’em.

    PS.You have a Daniel Craig look going on in that picture

    • Leroy Dankins

      Glad I’m not the only one, I too thought Daniel Craig.

    • Andrew

      Youuuuuuu. I like you.

  • DC

    Can’t find that shawl collar sweatshirt on the Levi’s site 🙁

    • DC

      Also, neither is the jacket =(

    • Andrew

      Yeah unfortunately as I mentioned a couple of the items are available in-store only, which I didn’t know when I picked them up. They have plenty of stores around, see if there’s one near you

      • DC

        Will do! Thanks. They do have the sweatshirt on the ASOS website but available to ship in the US. bleh..

    • Drew

      Express and Gap have similar styles of this shawl sweater. I also found one on the cheaps at H&M.

  • Bo

    Great, great look here! That shawl collar sweater is nice, for sure. I also have those Herringbone trousers, and the fit is excellent. Very sharp in the photo, too!

  • Hector

    Hey Guys! I seen a very similar belt for $18 at H&M, it’s not EXACTLY the same but pretty damn close! Instead of paying over $100. Just looking out! Happy Holidays!

  • Tom

    I like those pants, sweater, and jacket. Another home run here.

  • Allen

    This is a solid look. However, the sweater would be much more versatile if it didn’t have the front pocket.

    • Andrew

      That’s what I like about it – without the pocket the dressiness factor goes up.

  • Husker

    I have been looking at those boot for a while now and am curious how they are with traction? I live in the midwest and am not sure how the traction would be in rain/snow/ice.

  • Chris Jones

    Love the herringbone trousers. I’d love to find a pair!

  • Justin

    Definitely appreciate this live-action get up. 2 questions: are the boots in the picture the Brown or Cordovan? I’m digging your haircut – how would one tell their barber to cut their hair to achieve the same look?

  • Brock

    Looking good, Andrew! Great seeing the getup put into action. Cool spot for a photo, too.

  • CP

    I wish I could get these pants in Canada, no luck from Levi’s here.

  • Luke

    Showing the fits like this is great! More of this please Andrew!

  • Sean

    Love this Getup as well as the assembled photo. Its cool to see the whole outfit together. Unfortunately here in FL I will never need both top two layers, maybe one or the other. I agree with the other comments, you got a hint of Daniel Craig going on! Great work.

  • Erick Mercadante

    Am I the only one who sees’ swastikas on the bottom of those columns?

    • James


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