H&M Online Store Now Live: Our Picks

One of the first affordable, stylish retailers is finally online.

H&M was one of the first innovators in the stylish, affordable retail space. They're surprisingly also one of the last to open an online store. But the wait is over: The store is live, and we've got some initial style picks below.

As you know if you have shopped at a physical H&M store, not all of their items are created and priced equally. Just like IKEA, some items seem to be an unreasonably insane bargain, while other, simpler items seem proportionally too expensive. Construction consistency is also something to note – as with all bargain style retailers, different items may have different styles and fits, different material make-ups, and a varied feeling of quality.

I suppose that's the most difficult aspect of shopping H&M online, but as anyone who has bought things from them in-store knows, you can get some decent stuff for a fantastic price. Will it last you as long as an equivalent from Banana Republic? Probably not, but if you're limited on funds or just don't like paying BR's prices, some of H&M's items will do you just fine. I've purchased plenty over the years – denim is great for the price, some shirts and t-shirts, vests, even a linen suit a few years back.

Shipping from H&M is a flat $5.95 which is great, but so are returns, which is not so great. Surprisingly, you can't return online orders to a store. So, using the online store as a way of forgoing the mall experience as well as a simpler way of browsing may be a great fit for you. You can currently use shipping code 0549 to get free shipping on your order.

What do you think? Are you a devout H&M shopper? Only certain items? Or do you skip the store altogether?

Here are a few of our picks based on style and composition

Collage of picks from H&M

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