Bespoke Post’s Box of Awesome

bespoke post

By now you've no doubt come across a few of the new subscription services aimed at men. You sign up and for a certain price you'll receive a package every month. I've seen plans for all types of things from ties, underwear, socks, grooming samples, and curated boxes of clothing.

I've never been very impressed with the one's I've tried until I checked out Bespoke Post's "Box of Awesome". For $45 a month, Bespoke Post sends you a themed box, with past boxes including shoe care kits, coffee-making gadgets, and the one pictured here, a full set of bar tools required for every budding mixologist.

The boxes contain items worth over $70, and the ones in my bar set are high quality, restaurant-grade tools.

Bespoke Post knows guys so well, they incorporated our fear of commitment right into the service: skip a box any time if it doesn't seem "awesome" to you.

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Andrew Snavely

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